Pit courtyard, south east village characteristics, a look

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Now that the year is over and the snow is coming, continue to appreciate the beauty of nature on your journey.In nandong village, there is a Sanguan Temple, which has just been restored and remains as old as before, and there is nothing special about it. In the south, there is a stage (formerly known as Le Lou, which exists in almost every village, but the difference is only in the age, scale and complexity of the building), which has just been restored and is also very ordinary.The mystery is that there is a short Taoist temple called Wudao temple close to the east wall of the Sanguan Temple. I do not know whether there is a statue in it.Through the crack in the door, I saw a stone tablet embedded on the east wall of the temple. Indeed, I could not recognize a word, and people said “Qiwen tablet”.There is a buddhist temple named Longxing Temple, also known as the Five Buddha Temple, not far to the northeast of the Temple. There is no gate, the Hall of Buddhist Scriptures and other buildings, but only one main hall to be restored.Underground courtyard, known as “di Yao”, “GE Dong Yuan”, “di cellar Courtyard” and “sunken kiln Courtyard” by local people, is a legacy of ancient people’s cave dwelling style, known as the “underground siheyuan” in northern China. It is said that it has a history of about 4,000 years.There is also a mystery about the pit, because in jinzhong is currently found only one place, and the south east village of the pit also do not know how long the history!The building features of the pit courtyard are windproof, anti-theft, anti-wolf, fire prevention, warm in winter and cool in summer, which is a way of living for the ancients to comply with the nature.The unique landscape of “see the tree, see the courtyard, see the door, see the door, hear the voice, see the people” makes me this people who grew up in the taihang mountains feel very fresh.At present, this kind of loess pit courtyard in the domestic only a few places, nandong village is one of them.A landscape, its own style.People leave their names and ask questions.The view is not only a bright, more beautiful to cherish the people to share!About the history of the construction of the pit courtyard and why the choice of concave living, summer flood drainage solution… Pay attention to me, click on the comment, speak carefully!