Sanzhen Recovery: Type 2 diabetes can be reversed without lifelong medication

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Massachusetts moment March 29 – (correspondent August) a lot of people to see a doctor, don’t go to large hospital, however, hunan normal university journal editor, researcher, enjoy the State Council special allowance experts qing-hua bu after the stroke, he found four hospital, finally choose to live in yuelu district orange continent three true community health service centers.A lot of people around him didn’t understand, but he was right!Bu Qinghua, 83, suffered a stroke in October last year, and his wife accompanied him to the hospital for six months. He has been hospitalized for four times, but despite the control of the stroke, a variety of complications and a large number of drugs have made him increasingly weak.In addition to cerebral infarction, he also had coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases, at the same time accompanied by frequent night urination, leg weakness and other symptoms.”My friends at ShIDA recommended me to come to Sanzhen. They used to live here and have a good evaluation. It is also close to home.This is the fifth time I have been in hospital and I have a very good impression of it.They paid attention to precise treatment and solved several of my problems. For example, after measuring my blood pressure every day, I found that my blood pressure was not high, so the antihypertensive drugs stopped, diabetes was reduced, blood sugar was better than before, weight was reduced, and I felt very comfortable.I used to eat out often, here to eat grain rice, healthy food, also eat habits.The service in some big hospitals is cold and like an assembly line. The service here is meticulous. Doctors and nurses come to ward many times a day.Bu Qinghua said to the author.”When He first came to sanzhen, he used 16 units of insulin per day and 3 tablets of acarbose per day, but his blood sugar was still more than 20 points.Teacher Bu is old and has a long course of diabetes. The treatment goal is to achieve the blood glucose standard even with the reduction of hypoglycemic drugs through comprehensive means and positive reversal therapy.We used traditional Chinese medicine repair therapy and intensive insulin therapy, and after more than a month, the total amount of insulin injection decreased from 28 units to 12 units. This data shows that this round of “reversal therapy” in Bulao is very successful, achieving the goal of “oral down-order therapy”.Now he is going to leave the hospital, so we changed to an oral hypoglycemic regimen according to his actual situation. If he takes three oral pills a day, his blood sugar can reach the standard.”Sanzhen diabetes management expert, deputy director nurse Chen Lixiang said that during the hospitalization of Bulao, our Sanzhen diabetes management team, to play the spirit of craftsmen, precise sugar, help bulao body repair and wake up his islet cell function;Mr. Tang Fuming, the chief physician of The Combination of Chinese and Western medicine, made precise dialectical treatment and used Chinese medicine to help him recuperate his body, which greatly improved his heart function and endurance and immunity.Nutritionist according to his height, weight, disease to develop personalized nutrition meal spectrum, canteen to provide personalized nutrition meal;The exercise manager provided him with personal training and designed progressive cardio and resistance exercises to improve his muscle strength.Repeated health education from the health manager changed his concept and made him adapt to and accept this healthy lifestyle.Realizing the “six chariots” of diabetes treatment, he easily learned the six-step sugar control method of “eating, drinking, playing, fun, nourishing and medicine”.In addition to the withdrawal of antihypertensive drugs and the reduction of hypoglycemic drugs, Bulao’s nocturia was also significantly reduced from 8-9 times to 1-2 times per night, and his sleep was greatly improved.He used to need help to walk, but now he can walk from home to sanjin Hospital every day, a full kilometer of walk, without the need for crutches.The best time to reverse diabetes is within two years. “We have carried out reverse diabetes treatment for more than two years, and there are many cases like this.We have a 13-year-old sugar friend who only insisted on treatment for 17 days, and achieved complete blood sugar normal, and stopped acupuncture and medication.A 42-year-old tang Friend stopped acupuncture and medication after one month of treatment.There are nearly 70 years old tang friend treated for more than 40 days, also realized the cessation of acupuncture and medicine.”Chen Lixiang teacher said.The so-called reversal of diabetes is based on the body’s powerful ability to repair itself.We strive to create an environment conducive to self-repair (fasting and preprandial blood glucose is less than 6.1, 2 hours postprandial blood glucose is less than 8, through diet and exercise to actively improve the metabolic state of sugar friends, traditional Chinese medicine to remove disease starting factors), islet cells can achieve self-repair.The ability of islet cells to repair is related to the age of the patient and the length of the disease.The most important time for the treatment of diabetes is within two years of the onset of the disease, and the long-term remission rate of diabetes can reach 65%-70% after comprehensive means of active reversal therapy.The course of the disease is less than 15 years, and with aggressive reversal therapy, it can also be achieved orally.Most sugar lovers believe that diabetes requires lifelong medication, which is wrong.Sugar friends think that it is enough to take medicine as required by the doctor to lower blood sugar. Some sugar friends even try to find new drugs, special drugs and expensive drugs. In fact, taking medicine well can not significantly prolong the life of sugar friends.At present, the most recommended method is: actively and accurately do a good job of reverse treatment, change the lifestyle, as much as possible to lose drugs after the blood sugar can reach the standard, so that the quality of life and life expectancy of sugar friends can be fundamentally improved.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: