We will take solid steps to control pollution from farming at the same time

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Livestock and poultry breeding pollution control, is the main measure for environmental management, water pollution, prevailed in area for the implementation of “green development”, promote the development of modern animal husbandry and animal products quality safety in the ground, from the mechanism, the compaction responsibility, perfect the parameter, the three measures and further consolidate the ramming of livestock and poultry breeding pollution treatment results.A sound long-term mechanism: at the start of the year, district bureau of agriculture and rural areas with ecological environment bureau jointly issued “about 2022 notice of livestock and poultry breeding pollution control of the regulatory work, clear regulatory content, supervision method and disposal problems, every month of the trawl examination was conducted for more than moderate scale of livestock and poultry farms, further strengthens the mechanism.Layers of responsibility: each town (street) to implement the specific responsible personnel, each village to implement the supervision responsibility station, large-scale farms to determine the person and the field is responsible for supervision, so that everything is managed by people, layers of people grasp, three-level linkage supervision to ensure that breeding pollution control is safe.Improve the supervision ledger:Town (street) for each size of a book of a farms, more than the rest of the moderate scale farms according to the village for the unit and improve the regulation parameter, perfect supervision content refinement, regulators, time, content, object and management facilities such as operation situation and situation of waste given at a glance, both reduce degree of difficulty of livestock and poultry breeding pollution control regulation and improve the efficiency of supervision,It also makes pollution control of livestock and poultry breeding have evidence to follow.As of March 15, 2022, there had been three dragnet supervision of livestock and poultry farms in The whole region, including 58 farms above scale and 566 farms above moderate scale. Eighteen problems were found, 14 were rectified on site, three were rectified within a specified time limit, and one was transferred to the Bureau of Ecology and Environment for investigation and disposal.Source: District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs