Zhejiang striving for the modernization of municipal social governance pilot acceptance “full of enthusiasm”

2022-06-04 0 By

On April 7, the reporter learned from the promotion meeting of the pilot work of the modernization of municipal social governance held by the Political and Legal Committee of zhejiang Provincial Party Committee that Zhejiang will raise the benchmark, strengthen self-examination and evaluation, focus on the grassroots, lay a foundation, prevent risks, protect stability, and strive to achieve the acceptance of the modernization of municipal social governance pilot “full of enthusiasm”.The year 2022 is the third year of the national pilot program for the modernization of municipal social governance. The 11 districts and cities in Zhejiang will accept the acceptance and evaluation of the central government.According to the “comprehensive building, focus on” requirements, all departments to advance regional social governance modernization pilot, adhere to focus on creating characteristic, both to the successful completion of the pilot work tasks, in order to create more can copy, can promote the highlight of experience, in particular iteration perfect “a center siping station a grid” social governance system, accelerate the modernization of social governance;Insist on doing everything possible to solve problems, gather the special advantages and problems of local social governance, have the courage to explore and innovate, and actively explore pilot models with Zhejiang characteristics, city characteristics and times characteristics;Insist on crop advance grasp the supervision, led by zhejiang provincial party committee politics and law committee organization committee was set up several relevant provincial units, with “spot check short board weaknesses + will check list” negative way, the whole guidance to 11 city divided into districts, in progressive, procedural assessment acceptance, across departments, item by item, check leakage fill a vacancy, the implementation of corrective actions, at the same time actively carry out self-evaluation of introspection,We will continue to improve the level of social governance at the municipal level, promote in-depth and concrete pilot work, and create a vibrant and orderly social environment.In addition, the mechanism of zhejiang will work in security “and” air for traction, the full implementation of peace zhejiang construction measures, resolutely forestall defuse all kinds of risks, for the hangzhou Asian games and the paralympics held successfully build the safe and stable political and social environment, with excellent grades to meet the victory and the fifteenth party congress of zhejiang province held the party’s twenty.