38. The Agricultural belt and the Three Industrial areas of the United States

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The main agricultural belts of the United States are the dairy belt, the corn belt, and the wheat belt, as shown in the figure below.Figure 1 Distribution of agricultural belts in the United States, the dairy belt is mainly distributed in the northeast of the United States, around the Great Lakes. The climate of this region is cold and wet, suitable for pasture growth, and it is located in the northeast industrial area of the United States, with developed economy, numerous cities and a broad market for dairy products.Figure 2 Distribution of the three industrial zones in the United States 02 The following is A schematic diagram of some regions in North America. In the figure, the advantages of dairy farming in the dairy farming belt are () A.A temperate Marine climate conducive to the growth of succulent herbage B.The terrain is flat, the soil is fertile, the pasture area is large C.Developed economy, many cities, dairy products demand big D.The land is large and sparsely populated, so it is suitable for large-scale grazing.D) The dairy belt is located in the northeastern part of the United States.(2) The dairy belt has A temperate continental climate rather than A temperate maritime climate.(3) The latitudes of the dairy belt are higher, and the soil is poorer.(2) Analyze the social and economic conditions of the dairy belt.The Dairy Belt is located in the Northeastern part of the United States, which is an important industrial area. Chicago, Detroit, New York and Boston are all located in this area.03 To summarize the difficulty of the examples in this section, the solution idea is: according to the geographical location of the dairy cattle belt, analyze the natural factors such as climate (temperature, precipitation), soil fertility and other factors, and analyze the economic development, market and other social and economic factors in the dairy cattle belt, and then analyze the location advantage of the dairy cattle belt to develop the dairy cattle industry.