Congratulations to the walkers!After the 4-for-3 deal, TT volunteered to buy out, next stop or join the Lakers

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After rejecting trade offers from the SUNS and clippers, the Pacers finally got their most coveted bargaining chip.Sources close to EPSN say the Pacers have agreed to a 4-for-3 deal with the Kings. The pacers will send Sabonis jr., Lamb, Holiday, 2027 second-round pick hield, Haliburton, Hield, and Tristan Thompson from Sacramento.It is understood that in the process of listening to deal about small arvidas sabonis, the pacers had hoped to get 1 potential rookie + 2 in the first round of sign, but with the passage of time, the pacers gradually realized that the heat of the small arvidas sabonis in market is not high, a lot of teams are not willing to risk in a European inside body, even if some base has been a huge success.Is when the pacers had 76 people get dizzy the king take the initiative to find you, provide a sincerity to deal with, the core chip is fox + DE + draft picks, hill, according to the king of insiders, the above scheme is enough to get this – simmons, but 76 people don’t know where to get the confidence, decided that harden will break up with the nets in advance,The lakers terminated trade talks with the Sacramento Kings, and the lakers and pacers were actively exploring the possibility of a partnership.The gap between Sabonis’ static talent and Simmons’, and the Pacers’ desire to settle lamb’s $10 million contract, led the Kings to cut back, not only by not offering a draft pick, but also by bringing up TT, who is no longer the braves.Of course, the Pacers’ front office is not a fan, and after a few rounds of bargaining, the Kings were forced to replace Fox with Halliburton, the 12th overall pick in the 2020 first round, who has the NBA’s top BASKETBALL IQ and was once defined as the Kings’ cornerstone.For the Pacers, intentionally or not, getting Halliburton was certainly a better outcome than getting Fox.On the other hand, according to NBA reporter Scott Agness, the Pacers are seven games ahead of the 10th-place Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference and have little chance of making the playoffs this season, leading to the departure of new acquisition TT Shimin, which is clearly the pacers’ preferred outcome.TT’s departure will not only free up more playing time for young players, but also relieve some of the salary pressure.The 30-year-old is understood to have reached out to pacers management and asked for a buyout, with the rebuilding pacers saying it wasn’t a good fit for the team, and both parties are willing to part ways.The pacers will probably continue to pursue a trade even if TT doesn’t take the lead, because TT is not a good fit for a rebuilding team, as already stated.Finally talk about the lakers, sources, according to the source to be spent to buy clarification period, namely restore free agent after the TT hope can join a playoff team level, preferably the championship level, the next most likely career, because there is he had big brother lebron – James, it is interesting to note that the lakers now happen to need a blue-collar inside,A buyout with the Pacers would make it more likely that James and TT would reunite in Los Angeles.Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.