In 1946, Chinese naval battle wiped out more than 3000 French troops in 2 hours: this is the Strength of China

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Article | one hundred turn turn edit | one hundred characters, “this is a war of revenge of the Chinese nation, China now this-time-is-different already, if you are resolute don’t compromise, then we can reach you suit, there is no room for any negotiation, it is the power of China”!In 1946, the judge instigated a war in Indochina, and our army fought back. In this war, our army sank and severely damaged three French warships at the cost of more than 30 casualties, captured and wounded more than 3,000 French soldiers in total, and successfully defeated the French fleet with the minimum loss, proving China’s power to the world.But why did France start a naval war, what were their causes, what were their aims, and what would be the outcome?Speaking of Indochina, it had always been a vassal state of China before. In 1883, France started its invasion of Qing Dynasty. Due to the incompetence and corruption of qing Government, the French army was defeated and defeated successively.After 46 years of domination of Indochina, until the start of World War II.Japanese war of aggression to China in 1941, the Japanese don’t pass any one can aggression, naturally also in their list of Indochina region, so the Japanese by haiphong login, direct cleared the French Indochina region, occupy the whole region, but in August 1945 after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Japanese unconditional surrender,Naturally, Indochina was also successfully liberated by the “Allies”, but surprisingly, the entire region of Indochina did not belong to The Chinese. Instead, according to the Potsdam Proclamation, the region was divided in two at 16 degrees north latitude, north to the Chinese and south to the British.Despite this humiliating victory, south of what was then Indochina was still under British control, and it would take a long time to achieve national unity.However, the British could not sit still. They wanted to drive The Chinese out of the area and regain control of the whole sea, but their forces were too weak, so they had a brainwave, ignoring the existing Vietnamese government at that time, directly invited The French to take over the administration of the entire Area of Vietnam.This proposal was also supported by the United States, so they began to pressure Chiang Kai-shek. Chiang Kai-shek saw that if he did not comply with the current situation, it was likely that he would suffer, and in return for American support and resources, he gave up the liberated northern Indochina.On February 28, 1946, the Kuomintang and France signed the Sino-French Agreement, which agreed on the handover of all defense and the date of the islands, as well as the handover tasks, categories and a series of issues.On March 4, France announced that it would carry out the landing plan and demarcation of the coastal defense area from March 5 to 6, requiring all Chinese to leave before their arrival, or face the consequences.The news abroad people panic, because there are a large number of Chinese ships at haiphong port together, in such a short time, want to move all of the boats is impossible, in order to delay the French island as time delay some time, China is also tried various methods, the attitude of France at that time too hard, don’t let the half, the two sides immediately tense,Anger immediately tense up.The next day, the French consular representatives, “with a post newspaper came to the us army 130 division headquarters 53, see 130 teacher teachers Wang Lihuan, then will pass Wang Lihuan newspaper, and pointed to the newspaper, the method of agreement shows that the French will be landing in March 6 to Indochina region, has been the Wang Lihuan refused.We have no good feeling for France, and without any order, The French side dares to be so arrogant and come unilaterally with an agreement to “punish”. We really think we are too scared.Afshin, however, left in a huff, saying, Our troops have already reached the border of coastal defense and will land on the 6th.If our coast defense letter, a fleet has been slowly approaching, is expected to land in the port around the 6th.When Wang Lihuan read the letter, he thought that the French army was determined to break into coastal defense. So he reported to his superiors and waited for instructions.At this time, the French army is careless about the accident may happen at any time, in their eyes, we like “country bumpers” general, what heavy weapons do not have, will only use some light weapons of the “fool”, and they have assembled the whole sea area of all firepower, it is invincible existence.The Chinese side finally waited for the order from the superior. (1) Haiphong city was on full alert from 8pm;(2) All important factories shall be taken over by us;(3) All ships in sea ports shall take refuge in inland rivers;(4) All areas shall be sealed off and no one shall enter or leave;(5) Close lighthouses and blockade ports.Wang Lihuan received the order to immediately start all the action, rushed to the scene.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning of March 6, the French fleet sailed to our port. Watching such a battle, the French army really took themselves seriously and completely ignored others.In order to warn the French of their actions, we fired more than ten flares in succession, but the other side still gave no response and continued to sail towards us.There was no way but to use his own strength to stop the Arrogant behavior of the French army. Wang Lihuan ordered all the Japanese soldiers who surrendered in the concentration camp to take part in the battle in our uniforms.It was not long before the French fleet sailed to the outskirts of our coastal defence ports. We fired shots to stop them, but instead of stopping the Advance of the French, they answered with shells.With a bang, the armory on the edge of the harbor exploded, causing a lot of damage around.The enemy army began to drift into the harbor.And followed the warships all launched offensive posture, keep alert at any time.At that time, we were not a vegetarians. We had early deployed six mortars, two anti-war guns and heavy mortars, six light machine guns and a flamethrower on the port.Specially used to resist the Attack of the French army, did not expect the French army so unappreciative, insisted on breaking the checkpoint.When they entered the designated area of attack, Wang Lihuan ordered a barrage of artillery to bombard the enemy warships. The French troops were dazed by such a battle array of our troops. They did not expect our troops to have such strength, so they retreated repeatedly and withdrew from the coastal defense port.The French army, which had retreated outside the harbor, began to regroup and regroup. Our army seized the gap between the enemy and the two God artillery battalions from the 184th division of the 60th Army and the 21st Division temporarily came to the front to support them. At the same time, they brought more than 30 rocket guns to resist the French warships.All personnel came to the port early deployment, in order to keep a close eye on the Trend of the French army, to be ready early, to cause a favorable blow.Sure enough, soon after, the French changed their formation and attacked our port again.The French battleships, though very brave, were not suitable for close combat. If they were attacked at a distance, they might damage the harbor and prevent the battleships from entering. However, if they passed through the boats, they would still be blocked by us.But we can not give you any strike back, once the enemy warships into our attack range, gunfire rumbling, hundreds of artillery fire from the sky, because the two artillery reinforcements, the French army soon overwhelmed, a warship of ammunition tank is hit by our ammunition to directly to a “grand slam” and sank a ship answer,The hull of the strong explosion affected the surrounding two warships, the loss is also quite serious, fire.French a look at our so haughty and the last is personalises don’t simply, our strong fire on the enemy’s hull caused strong effect, the French army was surprised by this, immediately out, quickly fleeing to the port, but how would they be so synchronization, some forward some backward, their ships collide with each other, messy.We saw such a scene, not to attack now, but when, to pick up small arms on the hull of a volley of bullets, the French soldiers in such a hail of bullets, fleeing, some jumping ship, some hiding.Well, by our “assist”, the French would burn to death, drown to death, or stand still and be shot.”Is this really the weak chicken of the Chinese army as described by officers?”Under such offensive, the French army gradually into despair, one after another raised the white flag.This battle only lasted for two and a half hours, and our side won a complete victory in this battle. We successfully won the naval battle between China and France with the loss of more than 30 men, and captured and killed more than 3000 French soldiers, including 8 high-ranking officials.The battle for China’s power is revealed to the French firm, let others such as accident, Wang Lihuan command of the Japanese prisoners of war were packed to the battlefield, the fighting has ended with our France, let the Japanese to greatly admire the strength of our army “this is China’s power”, the thumbs-up sign.The French leadership felt helpless to learn that their navy was so vulnerable in the battle, but for the sake of the thousands of soldiers had to find the Chinese again in the afternoon, hoping to negotiate the redemption of the thousands of soldiers.It was the French side that was at fault, so it was only the Chinese side that proposed the conditions. Therefore, Division Commander Wang Lihuan designated the “Gist of the Agreement between the Chinese and French armies on the 3.6 Incident of Coastal Defense”.At first, the French army felt that this was deliberate pressure from The Chinese side and firmly opposed the agreement. However, Our country liked to talk reason to reason, so the French senior abanu had no choice but to sign the agreement under the “coercion” of Wang Lihuan.Although this battle is not very big, but the influence is not small, through this battle China showed to the Western countries our real strength, let the world see China’s power.Note: picture source network, only for reference, if there is infringement please contact delete, thank you!