Mutton by hand: The shandong way of Xinjiang cuisine, oil but not greasy, balanced nutrition, rob and light

2022-06-05 0 By

The company is engaged in cooking demonstration activities, and we have a New Year’s eve dinner.After a lot of thought, let’s make mutton pilaf.First, colleagues working in Shanghai seldom eat this kind of food. Second, it is easy to prepare. It is ready in the morning and cooked in a rice cooker for dinner.Of course, this is not authentic mutton pilaf.But when I was in Shandong, my fourth aunt, who used to live in Jiangxi, learned how to eat it when she visited my second aunt in Urumqi, Xinjiang.I have done it many times in Shanghai and have gained some experience.It’s just a little bit easier. Excuse me.Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.The lamb is a rib from the Internet. Remove the lamb and then cut three carrots into hob pieces.Carrots are easy to cook, cut big, too small easily puree, taste bad.The second step: wok with peanut oil, swim hot after adding lamb stir-fry, until the blood dispersed, slightly discolored after adding salt, add carrots stir-fry, stir evenly can be out of the pot.Step 3: Fill a rice cooker with 4 servings of rice.Don’t wash water until dinner, do it while cooking.Step 4: Pack.The mutton and carrots are in the lunch box and the rice is in the cooker.Step 5: Before dinner, wash the rice, add water to a finger width above the rice.Pour in the lamb and carrot, without stirring, rice on the bottom, vegetables on the top.Step 6: Choose rice mode for rice cooker, start to cook, stir and mix again, you can serve dinner.If you want a charred, crispy mutton pilaf, use less water.Out of the pot, color, fragrance and good, a back and forth on a rob and light.