What does health code 1006 mean?

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What does health code 1006 mean?1. Health code 1006 Indicates that the health code is green, indicating security.Health codes are divided into three colors: red, yellow and green.(1) The red code indicates that those who have had contact with confirmed, suspected or asymptomatic patients in the past 7-14 days, or have come from high-risk areas, shall be isolated in designated medical institutions for treatment or centralized isolation for medical observation, which shall be strictly managed by local epidemic prevention and control institutions.(2) The yellow code indicates that the patient has been to the place where the confirmed, suspected or asymptomatic patients have been in the past 7-14 days, which is also called the accompanying person in time and space. Screening, nucleic acid testing, and home medical observation or health monitoring are required;(3) Green code represents safety and can pass normally.2. “Health code” is based on real data, which can be generated by citizens or staff returning to work through their own online declaration and reviewed by the background. The QR code can be opened in Alipay.During the epidemic period, the QR code can be used as an electronic certificate for individuals to access the local area, realizing a declaration and being used in the whole city.3. Health code was born in the context of the whole industrial chain’s efforts to resume work and production. It is a new technology that comes into being in order to establish an economic and social operation order suitable for epidemic prevention and control.During the pandemic, the health code is an electronic proof of personal access and is a product of the use of big data to strengthen the joint prevention and control of COVID-19.Function of the health code: The function of the health code is to quickly identify whether a person has passed through provinces and cities with serious epidemics and whether he or she has directly or indirectly contacted infected patients through the color of the health code. Then, through big data analysis, he or she can directly locate and find the people who may be infected.