“Xiangfuli is our permanent home”

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Video shot: Liu Yutong and Yin Xuedi, reporters of Hebei Daily, are rolling in the gravy, and the fragrance is filling the corridor.On the evening of New Year’s Eve, Wang Heping and Zhang Shufen, who had lived in Xiangfuli community in Tangshan city for more than 20 years, were preparing the New Year’s Eve dinner when the community staff called to greet them.Last year, the couple moved into a brand new public rental house thanks to the enthusiastic application of the community staff in Xiangfuli.In order to celebrate the first Spring Festival in their new home, the old couple began to prepare dishes early to make dumplings, and the aroma of the wine and food, accompanied by the New Year’s longing, spread out in their new home.”General Secretary Xi Jinping is always concerned about how the people are doing.””What I want to report most to the general secretary is that over the past five years, 170 elderly residents have applied for public rental housing. The community has been revitalized through renovation, and everyone’s life has become happier,” said Chen Linjing, party chief of Xiangfuli Community.”My wife and I sold our house in Champfuri five years ago, but the community still cares about us.”Zhang Shufen, 55, lamented that her husband and wife, both low-income retired workers, sold their house and rented it in another neighborhood.There was no elevator and it was very inconvenient to go up and down four floors every day.Xiangfuli staff learned about this situation and actively helped them apply for public housing.Residents of Xiangfuli express their gratitude to the Party and the government by writing “fu” and Spring Festival couplets on January 24.Hebei Daily reporter Liu Yutong photo built 26 years of Xiangfuli community, is the construction of the earthquake after the first batch of residential projects.The proportion of elderly residents, lower middle-income families in urban areas, disabled people, retired military personnel and migrant workers is not small, and the housing demand of people who have moved out of the community for various reasons is even more urgent.”When you get old, you always have a dream — to have a stable place to settle down,” wang Heping, 69, recalls.On July 28, 2016, When General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Xiangfuli Community, he pointed out that “community is the ‘last kilometer’ between the Party and the government to connect and serve residents. We should improve community management and service system, integrate various resources and enhance community public service capacity.”What the people want, the government wants.”The general secretary hopes that we can solve the practical problems that people are concerned about so that they can live a better life, so we must take the poor people to our hearts and give them a place to live.”Chen Linjing said.Meet with the people to find out the family situation, help them to make up the list of materials, help them to fill in forms, preliminary review and submit materials…Over the past two years, efforts to help poor people apply for public rental housing have accelerated in the community.”We thank the Party and the government from the bottom of our hearts for moving into our new house.Champfuri is our home forever!”Talk, lu rou out of the pot, dumplings on the table, “now, the elevator room bright, rent is lower, we still have what to say?”Wang heping said that he does not drink in normal days, but on New Year’s Eve, “for a new life, for a good day.”Members of the xiangfuli Community dance team pose for a group photo after rehearsing at a community square in Tangshan, east China’s Tangshan, Jan. 25, 2018.Up to now, with the help of Xiangfuli Community, more than 300 old people with housing difficulties have started a new life of “living in safety”.”I feel so proud and happy every time we dance in the renovated square, surrounded by people who stop and admire us.”Speaking of this year’s feelings, Liu Donghua is leading the team in the community park rehearsal square dance with gusto.Last year, the community Party General Branch used online and offline means such as “Internet + Co-construction, co-governance and sharing” to carry out various forms of grassroots consultation, and learned that many residents hope to further improve the community environment.Then, a series of “high-quality goods small area” create project to begin to carry out.The reconstruction of the community should not only preserve the lifestyle of the old neighborhood, but also realize the revitalization of the vitality of the old community. Xiangfuli community has made great efforts in construction: carefully polished every step, every piece of bread stone and kerb stone, and repaired the community garden to retain dozens of meters of purple vines.In order to avoid plants in the construction during the collision and scratch, the property specially made a protective board.”Incremental improvement” keeps Sangfuli alive.”We will keep in mind the general Secretary’s instructions, continue to expand community service platforms, improve service levels, and do our best to serve the people in the ‘last mile’.”Chen Linjing said that in the future, the general branch of the party in the community will continue to regard the needs of the masses as the direction of efforts, the smiling face of the masses as the goal of struggle, so that the flag of the Party flies high in the hearts of the masses in the community!(Liu Yutong, reporter of Hebei Daily) Pay attention to Hebei News Network for the latest news in Hebei.