A lot of daughter-in-law into what they want to look like, why can’t love up instead?

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In Love Deep rain, Lu Yiping jumps off the suspension bridge in order to find her “thorn” in the cold river. Compared with the fight of love triangle, what makes people feel more is the attitude of men towards women. In fact, many men after marriage, like He Shuhuan, pull out the thorn on each other.Successful daughter-in-law transformation into what they want to look like, why can’t love it instead?Marital relationship fresh, is suspends in front of each married family problem regardless of the future is poverty, diseases, disasters, aging will leave, as always, love you respect you, seems to always can only be fixed in the film and television works, and the married couple in real life, is the word of the poor, indifferently, even contradictory abandon.We have too many conflicting habits. When we feel that our life is affected by interference, we will instinctively try to change the other person. We think that a lot of disharmony in our life comes from our partner.But why so many men have changed their partner into what they want to “look” but can not love up?Losing the desire to hunt and the charm of personality, a man should know more about himself. “Transformation” is a process of remolding in the name of love. When he becomes an obedient and unassertive “pet” lover, there is really no charm at all.You may think that exaggeration, after all, women can be transformed successfully for three reasons: (1) infatuated with love; (2) lack of self-determination; (3) In the face of a strong instinct to protect themselves, men have the desire to conquer, but may not be able to continue the pleasure of victory after conquest.While women no matter what because the final submission, is blind, this kind of women will gradually lose confidence, all things on behind a man, not only the appearance of the passive, less than love, more because of the lack of determination and the ability of independent thinking, can’t bear the life the role of goodwife, let a man too tired too hard life.Frankly speaking, this kind of “want to look” is limited to obedient, rather than perfect, so love can not rise, after all, life, two people struggle together to reduce the burden.Women’s “submission” is an emotional surrender, not a heartfelt recognition that no one wants to be “transformed” by others, no matter what their own problems are, because this behavior means that they are bad, not good.Why is his wife transformed into his own requirements, but can not love up?The reason is very simple, the other party’s “obedience” and do not resist, is not succumb, but from a kind of emotional abandon, frankly speaking, no love, also no resentment.You say how, along with you, you ask how, optional, already disappointed, already did not even love the relationship, partner to live just, as long as the request is not too much, the woman has disdain, there is no need to argue, refute the opposite behavior.Therefore, it is not that she changed but did not love, but because of the male’s own strong and stubborn “transformation” behavior, so that the woman despair and even hate, she has no love, how can you love up.Love is born of sexual attraction, which initially coincides with the standards of the moment. The longevity of marriage comes from inner adjustment and control after maturity, because no one can live a lifetime on hormone-fueled passion.After a long time together, the sexual attraction of each other gradually decreases or even disappears, and the personal quality, cultivation and ability of dealing with people are lower than the standards and expectations of one party, love will not exist any more.So if you want to maintain your marriage and continue your relationship, you need to know how to motivate and improve yourself.First of all, we must know how to take care of our friends in the stage of love, always show their best state and appearance to each other, so dress, speech and behavior will be special care.However, once they enter marriage, most people, especially women, will be lax or even lazy. Not only their shortcomings begin to be gradually exposed, but also the self-discipline of their own requirements will drop rapidly, which needs special vigilance.The figure should carry on the health management woman you want to understand, even if you are beautiful, once had the goddess appearance and countless suitors, after marriage if the figure bloated out of shape, also can let a person vision feel uncomfortable.This is not to let you thin into a lightning bolt, may not be able to do is the same thing, and excessive weight loss is not good for health, health management is very important to the figure, look good, their health, but also have the capital to let the other side worry about losing.Otherwise, the other party feels that he does not leave you is already a sense of responsibility, but also what consideration and care.Pay attention to their appearance, but also to improve their connotation married will become more busy, more time, but do not because of these reasons, for their own lazy and not to pay attention to their own image, more can not be busy as their sloppy excuse.A well-groomed woman who looks good after marriage is pleasing to the eye, while a clean-cut man who takes care of his personal image is also attractive to women.Vision is always a person’s first sense, connotation accomplishment is the invisible bond that hampers this feeling.Keep the ability to make money for this, in fact, both men and women should understand, but because of the realistic probability, so more targeted to remind women, no matter how good a man you marry, to maintain the ability to make money, marriage is a complex of economic interests, very realistic.Most of women’s contributions to the family are hidden, so it is difficult for them to get gratitude and recognition. Once they fail to provide economic support for the family, it is difficult for them to keep their voice and get respect from men.Why can’t you be loved even with your low brow?There is a high probability that, under the perception of the other party, your food and clothing are all given by yourself. Therefore, since you are a pet, it is your duty to be obedient, so there is no need to say thank you.People exchange values, not in a gender attack, but to understand that when you do not have the ability to provide actual contributions, it is really difficult to get people to love and cherish.Keep your charm, even if the person you’re married to gets bored and dumps you, and you have plenty of admirers to start over from outside.So let oneself have lost a tree, but can get the strength of the whole forest can be happy.END article/emotional transfer station (author: Xiao Yu, psychological consultant, focus on the field of emotion), good at the restoration of love relationship, marriage conflicts and differences, as well as the original ecological family caused by the spiritual trauma healing.Lonely life journey, listen to your grievances and pressure, help the client to improve the skills of getting along with each other, retrieve their lover, manage their own relationships, and strive to become a happier person.