Xinmi municipal Committee of the sixth session of the third plenary session and economic work conference held

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At 9:00 a.m. on February 20, the third plenary session of the sixth Session of xinmi Municipal Committee and the economic work Conference of Xinmi Municipal Committee was held to summarize the economic work in 2021, analyze the current economic situation, and set the economic work of this year:To ensure stability, seek progress while maintaining stability, and promote stability with progress, we will anchor the building of the “three regions, two strong regions and one Base”, steadily advance the “four leading projects”, and strive to excel with the confidence and determination of “starting from the beginning and rising from the stage”.The plenum made comprehensive plans for economic work in 2022.The meeting pointed out that at present, the county economy into a comprehensive reconstruction, depth of transformation of the new stage, to enhance the sense of urgency of development, seize the province’s county economy reconstruction major historical opportunity, in the high benchmark to strive for progress, in the pressure to forge ahead to open up a new bureau.The meeting made it clear that in 2022, Xinmi will closely follow the province’s “ten strategies” and Zhengzhou’s “ten actions”, focusing on nine aspects: First, accelerate the quality development of the industry, strengthen innovation in an all-round way, and accelerate the transformation of development mode and development momentum.Second, promote the organic renewal of the city, regard the protection and development of the ancient city as the leading project to promote the transformation of the city, complete the construction of the core area of 1.5 square kilometers in 2-3 years, and build the ancient city into a distribution center for all-area tourism, a gathering area for nightlife consumption and a resort for urban leisure tourism.Third, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, as the province’s leading rural revitalization demonstration county, to ensure that continue to walk in the forefront, explore experience, take the lead in breakthroughs.Fourthly, we will vigorously develop regional tourism. On the basis of the provincial-level regional tourism demonstration area, we will strive to build it into a national regional tourism demonstration area next year, and accelerate efforts to build Fuxi Mountain into a 5A-level scenic spot and Yinji into a national tourist resort.Fifth, continue to strengthen ecological improvement, and coordinate overall environmental protection, ecological improvement, and development transformation;Sixth, pay close attention to project construction investment, strive to introduce a number of high-end, high-quality and efficient projects with large investment scale, strong support and driving force, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in recruiting large and attracting strong, attracting new and attracting essence.Seventh, deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, highlight the reform of the industrial agglomeration area, accelerate the completion of the restructuring, regulation and expansion of the area this year, promote the substantive operation of “management committee + company”, formulate the overall development plan of the industrial agglomeration area scientifically, and play a supporting and leading role in the industrial transformation and upgrading of the city.Eighth, deepen the reform of delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation, providing better performance, and fostering a business environment with the least amount of review and approval, the best procedures, the best systems, the most flexible mechanisms, the highest efficiency, and the best services.Ninth, we will continue to improve people’s wellbeing, focus on the construction of resettlement housing, and ensure that people move in in an orderly manner.We will do a good job in providing education that satisfies the people, focusing on the development of Dahong Road Primary schools, Bao ‘en Street schools and public kindergartens in towns and townships.Construction of the civic service center is expected to start in March.The plenum made specific arrangements for economic work in 2022.The meeting pointed out that under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the whole city made concerted efforts to push forward, the three major indicators rose against the trend, and the growth rate of general public budget revenue ranked first and second among the six counties (cities) of Zhengzhou respectively.Manufacturing grew by 17.2%, demonstrating the strong resilience of the real economy.It was included in the list of five top 100 counties (cities) with comprehensive strength, comprehensive competitiveness, industrial economy, scientific and technological innovation and basic modernization.The meeting stressed the need to adhere to high standards and strict requirements, and make solid progress in the implementation of post-earthquake reconstruction work.Persisting in serving existing enterprises, strengthening investment attraction, developing “return to economy” and “troika” to build a new pattern of industrial development;Perfect the whole industrial chain of cultural tourism, cultural innovation consumption, scene, experience and so on, to make Zhengzhou metropolitan area the first choice for leisure and recreation and near outing;Establish provincial culture and tourism consumption demonstration cities;Adhere to precise, scientific and law-based pollution control, to create China’s “natural oxygen bar” city;Strive to solve a number of people concerned about the worry, worry, worry, focus on building the province’s most happy city, zhengzhou national central city modernization and make new contributions to the Central Plains.(Written by Wang Yanjun, Zhu Haixin, Publicity Department of Xinmi Municipal Committee) (Edited by Yu Siyuan, Xu Chi)