During the Spring Festival, the traffic volume of yuhuan expressway reached 102,000 vehicles

2022-06-07 0 By

In the morning of February 7, the reporter learned from taizhou management center Yuhuan bridge and tunnel management, this year’s Spring Festival, yuhuan city high-speed traffic a total of 102,000 vehicles, compared with last year’s 17% drop.The biggest flow occurred on February 5, with 24,927 vehicles.Affected by the rainy weather and the epidemic, people’s willingness to travel during the Spring Festival of this year was reduced. The high-speed traffic flow on The New Year’s Eve and the first day of the New Year was small. The traffic flow of self-driven cars gradually increased from the second day of the New Year.With the arrival of the return flow, high-speed traffic police remind the majority of drivers must abide by the traffic rules, safe and civilized driving: must do a good job before the vehicle inspection, to avoid disease on the road, on time for vehicle maintenance, and equipped with fire extinguishing equipment in the vehicle, in case of emergency.Pay attention to the weather forecast, traffic information and traffic safety tips, plan and be familiar with the route in advance, arrange the travel time scientifically, and avoid the travel peak as far as possible.If you wait in line, do not be impatient, do not arbitrarily plug lane change, do not illegally occupy the emergency lane (hard shoulder), to avoid some unnecessary scraping collision accidents.If there is a traffic accident when driving at high speed, we should keep in mind that “pull over, evacuate and call the police” to avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents.All staff must wear safety belts during the whole journey, and resolutely prevent drunk driving, drunk driving, speeding, overcrowding, overload and fatigue driving to ensure the safety of travel.Author: Zhang Sihan luo Kaiwen Photograph: Zhang Sihan Su Yiming (source: Yuhuan People’s Government website)