Gu Ailing loves to eat leek box, the home version of practice, simple 4 steps you can learn

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If someone asks you, this Beijing Winter Olympics “top flow”, besides Bing Dwen Dwen who else?That man must be a beloved GuAiLing see flowers bloom, the Olympic winter games, she is not only with superb professional skills, the world’s top pressure of Olympic athletes, eventually won 2 gold, 1 silver good grades, and she is optimistic and cheerful, hard work and strong self-discipline of personal charm, let more people know her and know her story,So her Douyin fans broke through ten million overnight.GuAiLing in the winter, in addition to the winning something interesting happened, GuAiLing at the scene of the game, when she finished the second jump, suddenly took out from the plastic bag eat leek box, a move that stunned the scene of the journalist friends, at the same time she ground, let more people think of her as the girl next door in the room.Why does Gu Ailing love to eat the leek box?Spring is spring, all things recover, eat leek flourishing, very good for health.But the leek box to do a good job to eat, really a bit of skill, if you master, it is also very simple, do a good job of the leek box skin crisp, soft inside, delicious stuffing, salty palatability!The following small edition of the home of food therapy to share with you the home version of practice, just 4 simple steps you can learn!Preparation of ingredients: leek, egg, flour, oil, salt, chicken essence, pepper, etc. Step 1: prepare filling;First of all, we start the pot to burn oil. First, add salt to the eggs and season them until they are broken.Stir fry cooked eggs into cut leek end, add oil, salt, chicken essence, pepper and other seasoning, can eat spicy can be put into chili oil right amount, with a spoon from the bottom to the top of the pick mix, do not turn the stir, so as not to give soup.Step 2: Prepare the dough;Prepare appropriate amount of flour, flour into warm water and dough, a little wake up, knead again cover, wake up for more than 30 minutes to use, rolling into thin skin.Step 3: Pack leek box;Put the filling in the pastry, wrap the filling and squeeze out the lace.Step 4: Fry mature;Pan burning oil, oil temperature rise, in turn into a good leek box baked, best use a pan oh!When the golden color is burned, turn over and continue to burn, then turn down the fire, golden color on both sides, cooked.Note: the heat of the pancake is also very key, the pot to 60 to 70 into the hot, the temperature is too low, the time is too long, the crust is not crisp, it is easy to break out of the soup, the leek box is the practice of the big restaurant, ensure that you eat also want to eat.Learn diet culture, do diet experts, welcome to pay attention to diet home!