Rushan farmers, you can’t just dump oyster shells on the road

2022-06-07 0 By

During my visit to relatives these days, I found that there are some oyster shells spilled on the road in front of Lujiakuang Village, Wuji Town, Rushan City, and there are also some oyster shells on the way into the village.The stalls of oyster shells looked like little steel knives standing up, so that the passing drivers were afraid and had to carefully avoid driving.Rushan city is home to oysters. Rushan oysters are famous for their delicious taste in China.The Spring Festival is the golden season for oysters in Rushan.Oysters are often served at family and friend gatherings.Oyster meat into the stomach, how to deal with oyster shell?People living in the city ate the oyster meat and sent the shells to the dustbin.When farmers in rural areas finish eating oyster meat, they spill oyster shells on roads or village roads.This is not to say that the villagers have a habit of throwing rubbish at random, but to rely on walking vehicles to crush oyster shells.Such as ground into small particles, clean home to feed chickens, ducks and other poultry.Farmer brother, have you thought about it?If you spill oyster shells on the road, the hard, sharp shells can easily cut the tires of vehicles, causing economic damage or even disaster.Please stop dumping oyster shells on the highway after you read this article.