Throw yourself into a trap?Drug addict goes to police station for urine test after drinking

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A cable car at a scenic spot in The west of Anqing Has stopped working at high altitude, leaving tourists stranded.● Man sues for return of bride price and child support after raising his son for 6 years who is not his biological son.● A woman gave birth to a baby girl named Lucky in a negative pressure operating room in hangzhou’s closed area.(Qianjiang Evening News) ● To the net?The drug addict went to the police station after drinking and asked for a urine test.(Chinese police online) International ● US officials say the top leader of the Islamic State group has been killed in a self-bombing.(CCTV News client) ● 10 civilians were killed in a firefight in northern Syria.(Visual China) ● Rescue efforts continue after a mudslide hit Quito, The capital of Ecuador.● Poland and the Czech Republic agreed to pay 45 million euros in compensation in a dispute over a coal mine.(CCTV news client) Domestic Ministry of Transport: affected by snow and icy road, 14 road sections are closed.● Due to the epidemic, civil servants in Hong Kong will work from home tomorrow, except for urgent and essential public services.● The spring Transport code of “tunnel keeper” of the Plateau railway in spring.(Xinhuanet) – Fuel surcharges for domestic flights will be reinstated tomorrow.It’s about the Spring Festival travel rush.(Qilu Evening News) ● Refuting rumors!Net transmission hengshui Gucheng county “ye Zhuang village transfer isolation” is false news.● A senior executive of Moutai Company took a huge amount of bribes and 37 million yuan was placed in the custody of the briber. The verdict: The crime was accomplished.● Attracted by “high salaries”, women go abroad to find jobs and fall into gambling and game gangs.(Guangxi News Channel) ● Two residents of Yinchuan suffered carbon monoxide poisoning on New Year’s Eve, with one in a coma and the other dizzy and vomiting.(The Paper) Henan ● Important!Henan Center for Disease Control and Prevention health risk alert in February.Details see (Zhongyuan Shield wechat public number) ● Henan issued emergency reminder!● Nucleic acid certificates will no longer be checked in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.(Dahe Daily) heart reunion is the year | “dedicated blessing” to the Spring Festival to stick to your post.● Reusable face mask made by zhou Kou!What is the “black technology” behind being “worn” by foreigners in the Winter Olympics?(henan daily client) when the Spring Festival I on-the-job | the Spring Festival, without regrets to remain.(Xuchang Public Security Bureau) ● Zhengzhou expressway exit measures have changed!(zhengzhou evening news) when the Spring Festival I on-the-job | “confused” the old man lost a cold night, warm heart police eventually recover.(Zheng Jing shu) health ● tips more rub longer, this knowledge you know?(Healthy Living headlines)