Chinese poetry Conference: the seventh season will start, teacher Mengman regretfully absent, the host or Long Yang

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The 2022 Chinese Poetry Conference will finally kick off at 10:35 PM on February 3. Tune in to CCTV-1 and let’s share the poetry feast together.”Chinese poetry conference” to accompany us through the six seasons, and we meet bosom friend, the host by the former four seasons Dong Qing, replaced by Long Yang after two seasons, the host is still her this season, maybe people have adapted to Long Yang hosting style, even changed a new host, will also miss her lively and lovely, humor humor and wit.The most regrettable thing about this season is that among the 5 guest teachers, one female guest was absent. Teacher Mengman was absent from the comment on the 7th season of “Chinese Poetry Conference” due to scheduling problems, while only one female teacher — Yang Yu was left to comment on the scene.Hear this news, everyone seems to have a little regret in the heart, Teacher Mengman in Chinese learning attainments, very people can compare, CCTV in a lot of cultural programs have her figure, a lot of “Classics in China” comment guest throne, there is her place.As a talented girl in Peking University, Ms. Mengman is still unmarried in her 40s, but her academic attainments are praised.From “Lecture Room” to “Chinese Poetry Conference”, CCTV witnessed the magnificent transformation of this talented woman. Since the launch of the Poetry Conference, she has never been absent. In the first six seasons, in addition to Teacher Kang Zhen appeared more times, she was the second one.This season, in the shot of the sideline, there are her in beihai Park for everyone to set the question scene, but there is also her absence to comment on the speculation, from the shot of the sideline, there are only 4 guests to comment on the stage.In previous comments, Teacher Mengman is always very down-to-earth, she will use the most simple language, the most vivid description, to tell us about the knowledge of poetry, as well as the story behind the poetry, let us benefit a lot.Miss Yang Yu and Miss Mengman, as the female guests of the poetry conference, they have their own characteristics. Different audiences like different styles, so they are both very popular.In comparison, Teacher Mengman is more calm, when Teacher Kang Zhen “old husband chat hair young crazy”, when the host Long Yang humorous and lively, the audience some restless, Teacher Mengman can timely control the field, this is her charm.As a talented girl of Peking University, as an ageless goddess, Teacher Mengman for us to confirm the “belly poetry qi from China” of the ancient famous sentence, become a beautiful scenery on the stage of the poetry conference, she was absent from this season’s poetry conference, I do not know the audience’s heart will have no regret.What do you think of Mr. Munman?Welcome to leave your comments!Qiwen appreciation, doubt phase and analysis!Welcome to pay attention to @lanjie’s journey of the mind  we come together to discuss the story, analyze the heart!