Northeast son-in-law the first year to pay a New Year’s visit to his father-in-law, 1 table people were all he gave to drink down, the net friend stem beautiful

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On February 2, weifang, Shandong province, a new son-in-law came to visit, the father-in-law called three friends and relatives who can drink to accompany.I tried to drink my new son-in-law under the table, but I didn’t expect it.Originally, the son-in-law was later LaoZhang somebody else had first years of marriage, old father-in-law see son-in-law to very happy, too, can hear son-in-law to drink, old father-in-law in relative to two hostesses, specially new son-in-law is junior, YiJin to toast to our elders, and in this way, and four new son-in-law one drink, you a I a, a few people had originally planned to pour new son-in-law to drink,The result was unexpected.After three rounds of wine and five dishes, the father-in-law found three relatives to accompany the wine, two lying on the sofa, two lying on the bed, each one to sleep, after watching the new son-in-law off the wine table, but also energetic sitting on the sofa, accompany the mother-in-law to watch TV chat, but also talking and laughing.Netizens saw this behind the scenes not calm, they have said: originally to the father-in-law’s house, there are three of us, my father-in-law, my uncle brother, I, three people drink four bottles of liquor.The year before last, the father-in-law could not drink because of physical reasons, and could only look at me and big uncle brother two people drink, two bottles every time.And netizens share said: my first visit to the father-in-law’s house, saw his father-in-law a half cup didn’t dare to drink, the elder brother of the big jiu advised I didn’t dare to drink, a big jiu elder brother know me after ten years, father-in-law said you hide deep birthday, today to do, I say let go come on, I’m a kilo or so, he cannot father 1 catty, later father-in-law drink of infusion bag or bottle type, brother-in-law elder brother never mentioned to drink.Judging from the son-in-law’s alcohol capacity, he can’t handle such a scene in Shandong without the capacity of two catties.But as a new son-in-law for the first time to drink in the woman’s home, even if you can drink also to control, really drink too much shame.Wine is a moral character, the father-in-law may test the new son-in-law after drinking, to see what performance he has, after all, some people drink wine, is to speak out, but did not expect ah, this son-in-law withstood the test.So, should you drink at the old man’s house for the first time?If the father-in-law wants to drink it, you have to drink it with him.But to control the mood, drink high do not call brother and brother with the father-in-law, to be polite, not naughty.In addition, the cup should be lower than the cup of the father-in-law, holding the cup with both hands and lowering the head to toast.Shandong drink more etiquette!Northeast drinking by strength!The new son-in-law drinks a lot of alcohol, but do not drink too much, ah, a small drink for pleasure, drunk hurt the body, or drink less wine better, pay more attention to their health.The first time you went to the old man’s house, did you drink too much?# Red-hot Chinese New Year