On the second day of the year, what can the daughter of the marriage that most place got married do commonly?The Answer to Ant Farm

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Ant manor title: traditional customs, the second day of the lunar New Year in most places married daughter generally do what?A, return home to pay A New Year visit;B, back to the husband’s family, although New Year the Spring Festival is very lively, but also has many taboos and customs, many people will feel New Year’s day also tired than usual, this is the reason, because the Spring Festival customs too much food, for example, New Year’s day, seven days to eat is also very exquisite, such as folk have a saying “dumplings at the beginning of 2 surface, ising a zygote to turn, 4 pancakes, scrambled eggs,The fifth pinched little mouth, the seventh day to eat noodles “.There is also a ban on washing clothes on the first and second days, folk saying is not to let the blessing out.In fact, eating noodles on the second day of the Lunar New Year is related to the married daughter. In many places, eating noodles on the second day of the Lunar New Year is interpreted as “the daughter returning home”.Annual lunar calendar is also commonly known as the “day” meet, because it will one day get married daughter son-in-law recalls, certainly must bring gifts, daughter will be back to home some children red envelopes and gift, and will have lunch at home, however, also married daughter home to bring a gift is to have cultured, don’t think singular geely on traditional customs,So the daughter and son-in-law must bring gifts in pairs, so the daughter who marries out on the second day of the lunar New Year is generally “go back to the mother’s home for the Spring Festival”.To sum up, the answer to this issue of Ant Manor is “Go home to celebrate the Spring Festival”.Xiaobian hope that we can get “chicken feed” at the same time, but also more point of knowledge, let us progress together!(Please pay attention to it.)