Weinan Spring Festival strictly check drunk driving linkage big live broadcast broadcast!Stay tuned!Welcome to forward!

2022-06-08 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, there will be more gatherings of friends and relatives. When you are happy, it is inevitable that you will drink and laugh. But remember that for yourself and your family, don’t drink and drive!Because the “cost” is too big!Weinan public security traffic police seriously prompt:The lunar New Year holiday, visiting relatives and friends travel concentrated masses, winter belongs to road traffic accidents on Tuesday at the same time, to protect the people celebrate the festival, as to the determination, the strongest public security traffic administration of weinan hard measures, continue to carry out the investigation in the city of wine drunk driving and driving, unified action at the same time, to carry on the “live”, always keep “zero tolerance, strictly investigated and large exposure, strong shock and awe”.For the safety of you and others, please do not take any chances, the wind, rain, night, Weinan public security traffic police waiting for you on the road!