“The World 2” write endless joys and sorrows: zhou Bingkun why zheng Juan not Qiao Chunyan?

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In The World, Zhou bingkun finally marries zheng Juan, a little widow.In fact, there was a girl named Qiao Chunyan, who was both a neighbor and a classmate. Both parents tried their best to make them a couple.Qiao Chunyan herself long should be beautiful, quite love to play will play, cheerful personality.And Qiao Chunyan I also like Zhou Bingkun, no less active hook Zhou Bingkun.To the outside world, they are a good match.The results!They became brother and sister, not husband and wife.Why did Zhou bingkun choose Zheng Juan instead of Qiao Chunyan?First of all, love is an indefinable thing.Early in life, a casual event, an unrelated person or image can become your sexual initiation.No one but the people involved can tell the connection.When did Zhou Bingkun’s sexual enlightenment begin?I think it started with an illustration of one of his sister’s novels.As we all know, when he was a child, Zhou bingkun did not love reading, but he often peeked at his sister’s Soviet novel “The Yershav Brothers”.Zhou jia boy is not to see the text, but one of the heroine Kazakova with a picture.The human brain is very complex, zhou Bingkun is how to contact this picture, and how to imagine and process this picture, can not be precisely traced to the source, but when he first saw Zheng Juan, he insisted that this is his childhood recognize the Ka Zakkova, this is the man he is looking for!Have to be reasonable?I’m sorry!Love, there is no reason to say.Secondly, zhou’s three children, Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Rongrong are intelligent, but Zhou Bingkun even 1-10 numbers, for a long time are not clear.They’re all born to the same parents. No reason!Some people are like this. They don’t look stupid, but they can’t read well.Chow bingkun is one of those people who can’t read well.Do not want to say, can only speculate that Zhou Bingkun may inherit his father more, have a clumsy strength, single-minded;Older brothers and sisters may inherit a little more from their mother and have a lot more spirit.Their mother, of course, had never been educated, but could only infer it from her words and deeds.And not be to have an old saying “father short one, niang short one nest”, old week home also zhou Bingkun one short goods, this can look for reason only here from his father.So since childhood Zhou Bingkun rarely get praise, beaten certainly not him.Deep down, he has an inferiority complex!Don’t say you don’t care. No one can survive without their environment.Qiao Chunyan, relatively speaking, is a strong woman, and Cao Debao married, in family life, Qiao Chunyan is undoubtedly the center;But Zheng Juan, in the communication with Zhou Bingkun, is grateful, obedient.In the process of their communication, from beginning to end, the initiative is in the hands of Zhou Bingkun.Zheng Juan’s experience inspired Zhou Bingkun’s heroism;Conversely, Zhou Bingkun did so much for Zheng Juan, Zheng Juan heart, there is a trace of worship for Zhou Bingkun?Hazy, perhaps there is!Chow needed this feeling so badly!This is a kind of compensation for the marginalization of childhood.Married life, it is also true that Zhou Bingkun obtained unprecedented happiness.Marriage this thing, as the saying goes, shoes fit, only feet know!Finally, Zhou Bingkun chose Zheng Juan, is it out of the loyalty of the brothers?As we all know, Zheng Juan is zhou Bingkun’s deceased workmate Tu Zhiqiang widow, Tu Zhiqiang this person is very loyal, in the factory was very cover Zhou Bingkun this little brother.According to the original work, Zhou Bingkun is a kind-hearted man, but he is not a righteous man.If he made friends, it was as much from his mild nature as from his primitive survival instinct to stay together and warm.Sending money or something, like he did;But on the problem that chooses who to do a wife, saying is to stem from elder brothers loyalty, inadequacy accepts letter!If there is, it is negligible.Of course, the most accurate unscramble, still want to look for clues in original work.In a work like “The World,” the fate of everyone can be logically explained from the trajectory of their growth, if they are careful enough.