The birds in the treetops “hope for a sunny day”

2022-06-09 0 By

On the evening of February 13, under the attack of cold wind and rain, two birds perched on a tree in a residential area on North Changqing Road. They looked left and right and called for a long time, looking up at the sky from time to time and adjusting their wet feathers, as if asking where the sun had gone and which day was sunny.According to the meteorological department, February 14, the rain in the whole region gradually weakened from west to east dissipated, in addition to the east of Guangxi and coastal areas there is light rain, other areas of our region to cloudy weather.Please be aware of the adverse effects of slippery roads and low visibility due to the rainy weather.On the 14th, affected by the cold air, the temperature dropped everywhere: 2 ~ 4℃ in north Guangxi, the lowest temperature appeared in the morning of the 14th, beihai city, the lowest temperature was 9℃, the weather was wet and cold, we need to continue to do warm and cold measures.Pay attention to fire hazards when using electricity, fire and gas for heating or making fire, and pay attention to preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.From 15th to 17th, the temperature in Beihai will be 12 ~ 21℃, mainly cloudy, with light rain on 17th.Beihai Daily reporter Li Junguang editor Fu Jianbang