Will some debts not be repaid under the “new rules” in 2022?Borrowers should take note

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Foreword: The Chinese nation has always been a hard-working people who are willing to bear hardships. Therefore, the earning power of the vast majority of Chinese people is very strong.But it is worth mentioning that many of the older generation of Chinese have a common character, that is, love to make money but do not love to spend money.However, in today’s society, such habits have undergone a corresponding deviation.For now, China has begun to step into the ranks of big debt countries.It is worth mentioning that recently information has been circulating on the Internet that five types of debt will be deemed invalid starting from 2022.In this regard, netizens have lamented: owe money is not also a reasonable and legal thing!The first type of debt: set of loans related debt a set, may be a lot of friends are not very understand.In fact, routine loan is basically an illegal loan behavior, is not recognized by the national law.Routine loan backside main body, often is a few illegal organizations.These illegal organizations have a lot of tricks to entrap people.Before you know it, we’re in debt.Because routine loan itself is illegal, so in law, for these routine loan qualitative is fraud.In this case, none of the routine loans we owe are repayable.Not only that, once found such a situation, we also timely alarm record.This is not only defending their rights, but also contributing to social security.Class 2: Illegal usury and routine loans, usury is also against the laws and regulations.I believe in many people’s impression, this kind of debt is very terrible.In just a few days, we may need to pay back more interest than we imagined.In the past, there have been many such news reports.However, after 2022, according to the latest laws and regulations, all loan sharks will only be required to repay the principal and interest incurred within the normal range.There is no need to pay back the high interest that is generated by no reason.If we are faced with such a situation, we do not have to be afraid of threats from the other side and directly choose to solve the problem through legal procedures.A lot of friends may not have heard of such a loan, here xiaobian also to explain to you what is a loan.The so-called interest-cutting loan refers to the corresponding deposit must be paid before borrowing.Not only that, the deposit often ends up being lost.Normally, a creditor would have no problem asking for a deposit.But if the creditor continues to withhold the deposit after the deal is completed, the law is against it.In this case, the loan is also a kind of illegal behavior, debtors can protect their legitimate rights and interests through legal proceedings.Type 4 debt: Spousal Debt In many people’s conventional wisdom, it seems that every couple is jointly responsible for debt.However, in fact, this is not the case, according to the current relevant laws and regulations, the husband and wife of one of the debts, the other party is not forced to repay the obligation.As a result, the borrower doesn’t have any right to demand help from the other spouse.In fact, property acquired by a couple after marriage is called community property.In the event of divorce, the community assets will be properly divided.But debt is different. There is no husband and wife in debt. Everyone is just an individual.He who borrows the money will pay the debt.We all know that this is the age of digital.Under the background of this era, our personal information security has become fragile.If you are not careful, you may give away personal information.In this process, many criminals will take the opportunity to use the leaked personal information for loans.As a result, we end up in debt for no apparent reason.When it comes time to pay back, the lending platform will constantly urge us to pay back our debts.If we encounter such a situation in real life, we must not be foolish to return the money because of being urged, but to immediately call the police and ask the public security organs for help.After the matter is found out, the lawbreakers will be punished accordingly.At the same time, our lost interests will be fully protected.All in all, in none of these five cases do we need to repay the so-called debt.It’s worth noting, however, that debt is a natural thing to do.Conclusion If we borrow money in a reasonable and legal situation, we must follow the legal and moral norms and repay the principal and interest to the borrower or the lending platform in time.Once overdue, it will cause other negative effects on our personal credit.In the subsequent process, it will also become a stumbling block on our way to development.Today’s topic: Is it “legal” to owe money?From 2022, category 5 debt will be deemed invalid!No need to also