Mango Stage’s Spring Festival is a bit “trendy”

2022-06-10 0 By

During the Chinese New Year, I saw mango Taiwan’s “New Year walk grassroots · New mountain village change”.You don’t say, I was really hunan SATELLITE TV Spring Festival go grassroots greedy.First of all, lei Cha planted grass on my head.Sesame, ginger, peanuts, paste into the appearance, and then add sugar boiled water, adjust like soy milk drink, let me drool.I still remember there was a big competition of tea making skills.Qianliang tea, a variety of Anhua dark tea, takes five or six adult men to make.Tokyo Olympic weightlifting champion Chen Lijun also participated in the competition, is really hot!The banquet of King Mei is greedy for me;Ma Bang meat, pai Bang fish, Miao Dong duck, Yao Pot, Wulang chicken, Meishan Sanbao, sheep tail…Looking at a delicious food, my tears from the mouth to stay……This New Year’s walk at the grassroots level makes me more curious about yiyang’s food culture.Mango, please shoot more of these programs