Qingdao Civilization Office to carry out moral model visits and condolence activities

2022-06-10 0 By

Peninsula media reporters Jeff in 2022 Spring Festival approaching, to foster and practice the socialist core values, fully embodies the party and the government concern for moral models, in the whole society set up the “good guys weihaobao value orientation of” Qingdao government, specially issued “notice about to do a good job of moral models condolences to assist,Deploy the whole city to carry out moral model visit condolence activity.Recently, the city civilization office, each district city civilization office, the relevant units, through discussion and exchange, visit the form of condolence, to the national, provincial and municipal moral model visit condolence.Through visiting activities, understand their work, life and family situation, lent support life difficult moral models for gold, send caffeine arts and the New Year wishes for them, encourage them to play the moral model demonstration leading role, always do moral practitioners, spiritual leader, the striver of The Times, to promote ideological and ethical construction of Qingdao to make new greater contributions.