Make something out of nothing, speed up the creation of original innovation source

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Scientific and technological innovation is the core of all-round innovation.Shandong Province 2022 work Mobilization Conference to strengthen scientific and technological research and innovation as the “ten innovations”, the importance of self-evident.In the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, advanced regions in China have taken the creation of original innovation sources as their development goal.The mobilization conference proposed to create an important source of independent innovation and the main source of original innovation, demonstrating shandong’s determination and responsibility to accelerate scientific and technological innovation and build an innovative province.Original innovation, as the name implies, refers to unprecedented major scientific discoveries, technological inventions, priori leading technologies and other innovative achievements.It is “from 0 to 1” initiative, is “out of nothing” qualitative change, to a large extent determines the core competitiveness of a region.In recent years, Shandong has made great progress in scientific and technological innovation.Especially over the past year, the key core technology breakthrough, achieved 600 KPH maglev transportation system, the algorithm iot security chip, maglev centrifugal blower, such as a series of landmark achievements, three kind of innovative medicine approved by the public, the new crown VLP vaccine pilot goes well, the world’s first four high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power unit connected to the grid generation technology.The National Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center and the National High-end intelligent Home Appliance Innovation Center have been established.Two major scientific installations were included in the national layout of major scientific and technological infrastructure, and 19 national industrial design centers were added.In this process, the original innovation ability of science and technology in Shandong has been greatly promoted.Practice has repeatedly shown us that key and core technologies cannot be acquired or bought.Only by strengthening scientific and technological innovation, especially original innovation, and not being held back and taking the initiative in key areas can we establish a complete and stable industrial and supply chain, better serve and integrate into the new development landscape.In 2019 and 2020, the provincial scientific and technological innovation development fund of Our province each year reached 12 billion yuan, 3.75 times that of 2018.On this basis, it will increase by 10% year-on-year to 13.2 billion yuan in 2021.The province has decided to increase by another 10% this year to 14.52 billion yuan, driving a 10% increase in the total social r&d investment, which provides financial guarantee for improving the original innovation capacity.At the same time, provincial financial investment alone is far from enough. It is necessary to use provincial investment to drive r&d investment of the whole society, and make good use of the power of finance to integrate science and technology innovation and finance.At the end of last year, The construction of Jinan KEChuang Financial Reform Pilot Zone was approved, which provides a path to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and enhance the original innovation capacity.Construction in jinan kechuang financial reform test area, the most important thing is that within the framework of the existing policy, actively explore a new approach of scientific and technological innovation and financial integration, the new mode and new mechanism, effectively solve the current “plugging point” “pain points” problems, especially the change kechuang enterprise patent without money, technical market phenomenon.The era of pushing forward original innovation and going it alone has long passed, and high-level teams are the main force.This means that innovation platforms and carriers are indispensable for accelerating the development of original sources of innovation.A number of national laboratories, national key laboratories, national technological innovation centers, national manufacturing innovation centers and national clinical medical research centers should be established in Shandong, and a number of provincial laboratories and provincial key laboratories should be built to optimize the layout of scientific and technological forces in shandong.Since its establishment, SHANDONG Institute of Industry and Research has made outstanding achievements in major scientific and technological innovation projects. An important reason is that it has gathered a large number of talent teams, including 102 high-level innovation teams and 4,000 innovative and entrepreneurial talents.At present, SHANDONG Institute of Industry and Research has organized and implemented 322 science and technology projects, fostered 72 innovative research and development institutions, and added 264 high-tech enterprises.To strengthen original innovation, enterprises are a force that cannot be ignored, and the innovation system with enterprises as the main body is the most flexible, the most efficient and the most sustainable.We will build a provincial-level public service platform for science, technology and innovation, develop an upgraded version of the tiered development of science and technology enterprises, and carry out projects to improve the innovation capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises.This year, Shandong will support about 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in science and technology to transform their achievements into productive forces and competitiveness.We have reason to believe that the implementation of the reform measures will guide and encourage the majority of science and technology workers to actively engage in original basic research and key core technology research, further release the potential of innovation, so that Shandong truly become an important source of independent innovation and the main source of original innovation.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Li Zilu planner Zhao Hongjie)