The traffic broadcast helped the police and the public work together to help the elderly lost home

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In the middle of winter, water turns to ice.On the evening of January 24, an 89-year-old man accidentally went missing from his home. Jinzhou traffic radio once again demonstrated its superiority. A taxi driver spotted an elderly man who looked similar to the message broadcast on the radio and called 110 to report the accident.The lost old man was soon taken home by the police.It all began on the afternoon of January 24th.Chen’s father is 89 years old, and relatives are coming to visit him.Ms. Chen herself is a traditional Chinese medicine, at that time there were patients at home, a careless, father followed relatives downstairs.Ms. Chen found her father was not at home, so she put on her clothes and rushed out.The milk store owner told Chen that the old man was heading west.After him, he was gone.The family went out, and they never found him.The old man has some delirium, so long, cold outside, how to do?Ms. Chen called the police.Three hours passed and still no news.At nine o ‘clock in the evening, the police station phone came, said that there is a taxi driver heard jinzhou traffic broadcast missing person notice, found an old man with Ms. Chen told the old man appearance is very similar.After Ms. Chen introduced the situation at home on the phone, the police of The Chrysanthemum Garden police station directly sent the old man to his home.Seeing the old man safely back home, Ms. Chen was so excited that she didn’t know what to say.She said, Jinzhou traffic broadcast after the missing person notice, more than a dozen phone calls, are jincheng love personage, detailed inquiries about the elderly physical features, and with Ms. Chen show that the obligation to help find.’Radio is really powerful at this point,’ she says.She said that all circles of society have been linked in a short time, and she is very grateful to the communication station for its contribution to the people of Jinzhou. After my father went missing, people from all walks of life called me. I sincerely thank the communication station for playing a great role.Coincidentally, the taxi that liu Dongmei, an employee of the radio station, took after work in the evening was fu Xiaoming’s car.She witnessed with her own eyes how Fu saved the elderly.She said, the car through the East Lake garden, the taxi driver found an old man walking on the side of the road, very hard, and then the driver said, this old man with the traffic station broadcast the afternoon program broadcast that old man very much like ah!The driver quickly pulled over to the side of the road.The driver quickly got out and asked the old man, who was a little confused.Ms. Chen saw Fu Xiaoming, to pay the master a little hard money, pay the master said nothing, pay the master repeatedly said: the old man go home in time.Since the end of October, the police and the people have joined hands, through the platform of Jinzhou traffic broadcast, and the three elderly people have returned home safely in a short time, which is good news for Limin.The old man’s daughter Ms. Chen repeatedly regrets that Jinzhou is a warm city, jinzhou traffic broadcast is a temperature broadcast.The quality of the whole people are improving, so many warm-hearted people heard the radio have called, repeatedly said that they are obliged to help find, her heart is warm.The police and the public work together to help the elderly get home quickly, accurately and effectively. The power of radio cannot be ignored, so that the search for people is more efficient and fast.The command center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Jinzhou Traffic Broadcast and Toutiao are actively promoting the implementation of the public welfare search project. Compared with the traditional needle in a haystack search method, the real-time positioning of public welfare search will be more accurate, and the information dissemination will be more rapid and extensive.Thanks to the enthusiastic citizens, who have reached out their friendly hands, inadvertently listen to, intentional help, this city will be more sunshine.Traffic broadcast editor | Caiyu