What did you quit the old year

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Farewell: scattered sand, pig and starvation;Sick man of East Asia, murine shrimp loin.Fire and smoke, thunder collapse;Bowing down and worshiping, chanting and praying.6. Badlock: grinding sledge, scavenger much 镢;I’ve tried to grass the ground perfectly.Help move leg, hand push shoulder pick;Hungry and normal, the stomach is full.Cry don’t: austerity, cloth card food stamps;Industrial and peasant ramparts, urban and rural trenches.Quarrelling brothers;Gang pull string stretched, ashes college.Farewell: Utotianfang, once in 20 years;Bearing by calf, snow road ice road.The Ancestral temple of Qin Dynasty in Nankegu Township;Leaning on the horse Yelang, shou chu alone.Farewell dinner: Official wei, Cui Wei gauze hat;Face engineering, royal belt python robe.Zhongfang with color, mountains high;Ten thousand horses stood, all seas and tide.Ren Songyun (styled Yinghua) was born in Heze, Shandong province in 1933. He was admitted to Beijing Normal University in 1953 and taught in Jining after graduation in 1957.At an old age, he still kept writing and established his own blog @Ren Yinghua in Sina.The bald pen to floating croucher, show plain paper to sail;Xu Huai is also zhuang Huai, wave by wave in the sea.