Bei ‘an city, Heilongjiang Province: Carry out work safety inspection to ensure people’s safety during the festival

2022-06-12 0 By

News (reporter Gao Wei) in order to deeply practice “I do practical things for the masses”, solid promotion of “strong discipline, change the style of work, grasp the implementation, promote development” thematic education, further strengthen work safety, to ensure that the Spring Festival, winter Olympics during the production safety situation sustained stability.From January 30 to February 7, the inspection team of The Emergency Management Bureau of Beian city, Heilongjiang Province, carried out continuous inspections of enterprises, and arranged special personnel on duty in places where key personnel are concentrated and fireworks business sites. The task of “100-day escort operation” was steadily implemented to ensure people’s happiness, peace and safety during festivals.During the Spring Festival is the peak season of fireworks sales, beian city emergency management bureau inspection team of fireworks retail stores, temporary sales points for daily inspection, random inspection, key inspection, check whether business units equipped with fire equipment;Whether to set up anti-smoking and fire signs;Whether there is mixed phenomenon of characters;Whether fireworks wholesale enterprises strictly implement flow registration system.It is strictly forbidden to peddle fireworks and firecrackers in the street, and try to set off fireworks in the sales place.To carry out safety knowledge publicity and education to business owners, urge them to strictly implement the provisions on the safety management of fireworks, operate according to law, and do a good job in safety prevention.To raise the safety consciousness, making fireworks display boards beian emergency management agency (fema), placed in temporary sales street of the city, close to the practical, easy to understand, propaganda fireworks on the choose and buy and setting off security considerations such as knowledge, make consumers feel boycott of fake and shoddy products, increase public safety awareness.In xiangyu biochemical, Rt-Run supermarket, inspection team through access to industry materials and on-site inspection of the way, the enterprise during the festival hidden trouble investigation and management, key posts on duty, emergency preparedness and other key inspection.The inspection team requires the enterprises to strengthen the sense of safety responsibility, during the festival to focus on the key parts and links, the safety of production work to implement every job, the key parts of the key posts to carry out regular hidden trouble investigation, timely elimination of safety risks, resolutely curb the occurrence of safety production accidents.During the Spring Festival, the Bei ‘an emergency Management Bureau sent 14 safety inspection teams, 35 inspectors, inspected 22 enterprises, found and rectified 37 hidden dangers.In the next step, Bei ‘an Emergency Management Bureau will carry out in-depth inspection on the safety of the resumption of work and production after the holiday, with stricter standards and more powerful measures, effectively prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents, and provide safety guarantee for the healthy development of economic society in Bei ‘an.