Chen Yi hide in the peasant home, meet the nations encirencirement and suppress, a peasant woman pretend to drive a pig: careful officers and men eat you

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An unusual letter arrived in Jiangxi province in 1962. What was so unusual about it?In its writer and the content of the letter.In the letter, written by Marshal Chen Himself, Chen asked the county party committee to help him find a peasant woman named Zhou LAN, told her he was sending his regards to her and invited her to Visit Beijing.Who is this Zhou Basket?Why did she ask Marshal Chen Yi to write to her personally?What was her relationship with Marshal Chen Yi?All this begins with the War of Resistance against Japan.At that time, Chen Yi took several guerrillas to investigate near Zhou Basket’s home. The sudden rainstorm was not conducive to travel, so he could only rest at Zhou Basket’s home.At that time zhou Basket home is the secret contact point of the guerrillas, Zhou Basket is also a woman involved in the revolution.When Chen yi several people walked into Zhou Basket’s home, Zhou Basket warmly invited them to sit at home, and also took out the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings to entertain them, which made them a little embarrassed.Week basket see their idea, say this have what embarrassed of, ate still can pack again, you take advantage of hot eat.Chen Yi and others were so moved that they didn’t know what to say. Zhou LAN then said, “What I have done is nothing. You are us fighting.Chen Yi had come to Zhou LAN’s house to rest before, but at that time, in order not to let Zhou LAN be suspected, he took a rest in the small hut at home. This time, the rain was so heavy that the small hut was seeping, and he could not go there.Sit in the room and zhou Basket chat, zhou basket is also very happy.Because he didn’t know zhou LAN’s name, Chen Yi always called her sister-in-law. Today when he was free to chat here, Chen Yi asked her sister-in-law’s name.Zhou Basket listened to this lonely ground lower head, she has no name, is sold here, call her three di son.Hearing this, Chen Yi said, “You are a revolutionary worker now. We advocate equality between men and women. How can we have no name?”If the sister-in-law doesn’t mind if I get you one?What’s sister-in-law’s maiden name?Zhou Basket happily said the surname zhou, Chen Yi and combined with Zhou Basket every day to send food for them, named zhou Basket, so come here to rest the Red Army soldiers began to call her “Zhou Basket sister-in-law”.To speak of zhou Basket can be a secret liaison or Chen Yi pull the line.In 1934 is the most important period of the Red Army, the Red Army began the Long March, which is related to the survival of our party.Unwilling to be defeated in the previous four campaigns, Chiang kai-shek launched a fifth campaign.Also in this battle, Chen Yi’s thigh was hit by shrapnel after the enemy’s bomb explosion. The huge impact force caused the thigh bone to shatter and fracture, and Chen Yi also fell into a coma.After a series of medical treatment, Chen yi’s life was saved, but due to a shortage of medicine, his legs were so swollen that he could not get out of bed and walk.And counter-encircle and suppression failure, the central government decided to carry out the Long March, but the long March was extremely difficult, Chen Yi could not follow the large troops, the central committee decided to let Chen Yi stay in Jiangxi while recovering with the rest of the troops and the enemy guerrilla warfare.Chen Yi, who remained in Jiangxi, fought with the enemy with his troops. Later, after arriving at Youshan, Chen Yi set up a base here to continue the struggle.At the same time Chen Yi wants both sides to run again, he decides to establish a contact point here, and zhou Basket is the best candidate, because she is loyal to the party, so her home became the secret contact point of guerrillas.The Chen Yi that is busy with war all the time later leg has a relapse, in order to protect his safety decides to send him week basket sister-in-law home rest and recuperate.Zhou Basket naturally will not refuse, but immediately to his bedclothes, let him feel at ease here to live down.At that time for his safety, Zhou Basket also specially arranged him in the attic, and then he went up every day to take care of him.In this way, under the care of Sister-in-law Zhou, Chen Yi’s body gradually improved, and in order to quickly recover his legs, Zhou Also tried herbal medicine to see which one was the best curative effect.So Chen Yi was able to get out of bed and walk, but zhou Basket was still found bringing herbs home every day, and kuomintang people began to search her home.When they arrived, Chen Yi was reading a book under a tree. Zhou LAN saw the enemy troops approaching. He took one look at the pigs grazing and had an idea to warn Chen Yi.She threw a handful of stones near the pig and scolded him loudly. Don’t you see the soldiers coming?Watch out for them eating you.In this way Chen Yi managed to escape, but the enemy who could not find Chen Yi vented all their anger on Zhou LAN. After arresting her, zhou LAN was severely beaten.When Zhou Returned home, he was covered all over with cuts and bruises. Chen Yi took a look and shed tears, while Zhou Was still comforting him.The unity of the army and the people is a key to our party’s victory, but for the support of these peasants, our party’s actions would not have been so smooth.