Lin Qiqi reproduces classic modelling, cheongsam black silk is her gown, big beautiful back figure is really good

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Balsam pear original, reproduction will investigate!Bitter melon e-sports – let you experience a different e-sports anchor circle!For this good-looking little sister, I believe that the netizens who like to watch live are no strangers, after all, she is the most popular beauty anchor in the past year, yes, she is tiger teeth beauty anchor Lin Qiqi.Can only say that game fans or great, beautiful anchorwoman want popularity in a short period of time to take off, must want to have the game fans support, Lin groups success experience, a little understanding is clear, is because the world LOL, Lin groups gain a lot of fans, in the performance of the 2 studio, really too good, itself is professional of broadcasting and hosting,Plus very understand male fans, that time also set a lot of scenes, such as EDG put on wedding dress, and hiking, of course, the most famous nature is the qipao black silk modeling, figure appearance level full mark Lin Qiqi, put on the gown, charm can not stop.In fact, after that wave of world tournament host experience, Lin Qiqi has not put on his shirt for a period of time, of course, the always will come, Lin Qiqi is also very clear, shirt welfare, from time to time or to kill, memories, it is worth a look.As you can see, groups or Lin Lin groups at that time, a perfect stature reflect incisively and vividly, turned around, netizens feast my eyes on the back is also a big beautiful, more show, and wipe glass dance behind the link, the flow password, Lin groups but grasp now, so, her fame, is really no surprise.It is no exaggeration to say that in many beautiful female anchors, cheongsam with black silk, or Lin Qiqi wearing the most feeling, looks very have that kind of cheongsam beauty feeling, really very eye pleasing.Whether it’s dancing, singing, or cosplay, Lin qiqi’s studio is really rich in content. Besides, Yan Junze plays LOL with him. There is always a segment where you will fall in love with Lin Qiqi who deserves to be loved.I am bitter melon, I bring my own salt!(Without oil)