Manchester United 2-0 Brighton: Cristiano cristiano’s goal was missed and a stoppage time clinched the win

2022-06-12 0 By

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second-half volley and a stoppage time winner moved Manchester United 43 points clear of West Ham united as they beat Brighton 2-0 in the 18th round of the Premiership.In the fifth minute, Ronaldo clearly had reason to be unhappy with a ball he stole in front and heeled to Sancho, who chose to shoot straight and had it blocked.United escaped in the 39th minute when modell’s powerful header from an unmarked Brighton cross was cleared by Spain goalkeeper David de Gea.In the 50th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo broke his month-long scoring drought by dribbling the ball through the middle of the pitch, then dribbling past the defender and firing home.Gave United a 1-0 lead.A minute later, Iranga was kicked by Dunk after a steal in front of the court, and the referee confirmed through the VAR review, showed a red card and sent Off Dunk.In the 70th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo’s clever run in front of the penalty area succeeded in stealing the ball from the goalkeeper.United missed a golden opportunity.In the final attack of stoppage time, Pogba’s quick free kick from midfield saw Fermi run in and feint his way past the keeper before firing home with his right foot.United beat Brighton 2-0.Manchester united have too many negative news recently, all the players and the boss saddled with too much criticism, the victory and is a good way to relieve the pressure of public opinion, this cristiano ronaldo in the frontcourt more choices for cooperate, at the very least, both the ball to his teammates, but haven’t into assists as a brave but for DE gea play Manchester united today’s gate will be solved,I don’t know if I can get three points.Brighton’s counter-attack worked well today, but There is still a lot of work to be done for Manchester United’s revival. What do you think?