How did countries deal with female traitors after world War II?Soviet France is the worst. What about us?

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We know that in World War II, we first lost a lot of territory to The Japanese, and with it a lot of local people.These people either rose up against the Japanese rule, or settled down under orders, or were despised as traitors.Similarly, in the Nazi Germany occupied France, the Vast territory of the Soviet Union, there also appeared a large number of legal traitors, Russian traitors, betrayed his country and people, there is no lack of a large number of women, so after the Second World War these female traitors are how to be dealt with?During China’s 14-year War of Resistance against Japanese aggression, millions of traitors and puppet troops emerged, including many women, especially those with great influence in the political and military fields, such as Kawashima Yoshiko and Chen Bijun, etc.After the victory of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, our country basically dealt with these traitors by shooting or detention, and punished them according to the different crimes they committed, with different specific punishment measures after trial.Punishment for female traitors, compare representative is kawashima yoshiko and Chen Bijun, kawashima yoshiko is qing dynasty royal descendants, pu yi’s cousin, but she is studying in Japan youth, at this time choose to be a traitor and give yourself up a Japanese name, period of aggression against China, the Japanese many actions have her participation, such as the 918 incident, the puppet was founded, etc.,After the War of Resistance against Japan, Kawashima Yoshiko was arrested and executed for espionage and treason.Chen Bijun was the wife of the number one traitor, Wang Ching-wei, who was naturally jealous and used various means to betray the interests of the state so that her husband could rise to the top of the power.In the early days of the War of Resistance against Japan, Chen Bijun saw the Japanese occupation of a large area of national territory, so the initiation of the idea of taking refuge in Japan.In her instigation, her husband completely betrayed the motherland, became the first Chinese traitors, and Chen Bijun felt “light on the face”, she was sentenced to life imprisonment after the War of Resistance against Japan, and later was taken into custody, died alone in the prison of Shanghai.However, compared with our country, other countries to deal with female traitors is not so benevolent, the former Soviet Union was once occupied by Nazi Germany 60% of the population, so there were a large number of traitors, many of them women volunteered to die for the German army, the number of more than 300,000.After the victory of the war, these women traitors were stripped naked by Soviet soldiers and “paraded through the streets”. Many of them were frozen to death or beaten to death by nearby residents, and some were sent to concentration camps in Siberia where they were tortured to death.While France is unique in this respect, rapid fall of France, together with the wehrmacht in France did not compare concentration of abuse, murder, so a lot of French women have chosen to service for the germans, the number of more than 50, ten thousand people, after the victory of the war the women were French pushed the light hair “parade”, fighting through in the public humiliation,Many others were condemned by the French, and executed by hanging, shooting, etc., which is very cruel compared with our methods.