Qiongshan Branch of Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out emergency police training

2022-06-13 0 By

On the afternoon of February 7, 2022, Qiongshan Public Security Sub-bureau organized a gathering and training activity for emergency response teams in order to further improve the quick response and emergency response capabilities of all units of the sub-bureau.After the one-button alarm device sounded at 17:00, more than 20 emergency response team members quickly set out from various departments of the sub-bureau and arrived at the assembly point on the first floor in full gear within the specified time.After the assembly, the branch party committee member, deputy director Guo Hong on-site focus on the assessment, Guo Hong pointed out that to fully understand the necessity and urgency of strengthening the emergency response assembly training work, enhance the sense of preparedness, sense of responsibility, to prepare for a contingency, not chaos, proper disposal;It is necessary to sum up the experience and deficiencies of this gathering exercise, further carry out systematic learning and training, and improve the ability of emergency response.