The history of jin entered the Warring States Period

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The division of jin by the three families marked the end of the Spring and Autumn Period and the beginning of the Warring States Period. However, it was not so much the division of Jin by the three families as the division of wisdom by the three families, because at that time the jin royal family had already existed in name only.Due to the frequent internal conflicts in the State of Jin, duke Xian of the State of Jin suppressed the gongzu of the state of Jin crazily and enhanced the power of the non-gongzu nobles. By the time of Duke Wen of the State of Jin, the power of the non-gongzu of the state of Jin was further suppressed and the non-gongzu nobles were continuously conferred titles.As time went by, the state of Jin was led to the emergence of the six qing, the six qing families, who occupied most of the land of jin.Later, the six ministers fought with each other and became the four ministers. They were zhi, Han, Zhao and Wei.At that time, the land directly under the royal family of the State of Jin was almost invisible. Most of the land of the State of Jin was controlled by these four families. It can be said that the royal family of the State of Jin had already existed in name only.The strongest of the four is zhi Shi, but was eventually eliminated, so the so-called three points, said is three points of wisdom more accurate.Zhi Shen, the most powerful Zhi clan, and Zhao Yang, the chief of the Zhao clan, were getting old and choosing their successors.Finally, the successor of the Zhi clan selected for Yao zhi, the successor of the Zhao clan selected for Zhao No T-shirt.Successors have been chosen, and the future of both clans will rise and fall in the hands of the two young rulers.Soon, the patriarchs of the Zhi family and The Zhao family died one after another, and the two young patriarchs officially entered the stage of history.Zhi Yao power, quickly began to expand.Zhi’s army attacked The state of Zheng twice in the south, attacked the state of Qi in the east and destroyed the state of Qiu You in the north.This shows how powerful the state of Jin was. With only one fourth of jin’s strength, zhi shi was able to invade neighboring states.The expansion of the wisdom of the yao move in a short period of time to grow crazy, but eat too full, you must have a good digestion, do not carry out violent exercise.Zhi Yao because of many successful expansion, confidence burst, began to look down on the other three major clans.A chiyao led the three han Zhao Wei together to defend the country, on the battlefield and zhao without The head of zhao Fell out, after the war chiyao at the banquet and the head of the Han Han Hu played a fool.After the party dispersed, zhi Yao’s subordinates advised Zhi Yao: Lord, you insulted Han Hu today, you have to be prepared ah, careful of his revenge.Zhi Yao careless: revenge me?Who dares retaliate against me?The expansion of zhi Yao, ready to clean up the other three, hegemony jin.But zhi Yao is not stupid, three one by one, certainly not, maybe three together to clean up his trouble.Just figure out a way to do it.Zhi Yao said publicly, Marquis Jin too miserable, have no site, he will donate to a large county, help Marquis Jin revive.After he published the news, Chiyao began to find another three to talk about donating the site, but Chiyao is very smart, did not meet to decide, but privately looking for.Zhi Yao first found the weakest Han, Han, the head of the house is very angry, you want to donate your own donation, with what I have to donate, moral kidnapping?I won’t.But han housekeeper section of the regulation said: Zhi Yao headstrong, we listen to him first, and so he did the same to another, we will see the opportunity to clean him up.The Han family chose to donate the land.The Wei family also has the wisdom, also chose to donate land, and then wait and see what happens.To zhao, zhao head zhao no T-shirt on the spot beat the table, just do not agree.In fact, the zhi Yao is directed at zhao, he expected zhao no T-shirt would not agree.Because Zhao Wu-shirt and he is extremely not to deal with, and zhao is the most powerful family of three Han Zhao wei, Zhao Wu-shirt will never listen to him.Zhao Wu-Shirt chose to war, Zhao Wu-shirt is not stupid, he immediately react, choose in the old base of zhao clan Jinyang and wisdom family war.Zhi Yao in zhao turned, is very happy, his goal was achieved.Zhi Yao found Korea, Wei two, asked them to attack zhao together.The reason is very simple, the Zhao family regardless of the feelings of Kings and ministers, refused to donate land to the Marquis of Jin, it is a great treason, we beat this fatherless bastard together.Han, Wei chose to send troops, but they are not stupid, ready to go out of work do not output, sit and watch the tiger fight, regardless of zhi shi or Zhao Shi, which lost we have no opinion.When the Zhao family lost, they shared the zhao family’s land. When the Zhi family lost, they took the opportunity to attack the Zhi family.Zhi, Han, Wei three army soon surrounded Jinyang, but Jinyang as zhao’s base camp, comrades revolutionary enthusiasm is quite high, the army and the people, zhi Yao is not attacked.When zhiyao was at a loss, it rained heavily, jinyang city has a river Fenshui, and Jinyang’s terrain is relatively low, Zhiyao ordered to dig fenshui, jinyang city.Jinyang city is very strong, although the water is fierce, but failed to break down the wall, but there is still a large amount of water into the city, Jinyang became the Zeguo.At this time jinyang city a mess, so a flood, even the most basic cooking firewood did not, a large number of provisions were soaked in water, will soon rot moldy, Jinyang city is in danger.Zhi Yao overjoyed, looking at the jin Yang city of zeeguo, to smile: the original water has so much power, can subjugate ah.The speaker has no intention, the listener has heart.Because the two han wei is very sad, the situation of their base camp and zhao’s base camp jinyang is exactly the same.It’s all low and there’s a big river outside.Now zhao is about to fall, zhi Jia will be more powerful, then I’m afraid zhi Yao will not let us.Han, Wei two of the performance were zhi Yao counsellor Ci see in the eye.Ci said, “Sir, our three families will join forces to attack The state of Zhao. The state of Zhao will soon be destroyed. We can divide the land of the state of Zhao.Zhi Yao said: you have no fever, they two at this time?Unless, like you, your head’s fucked up.The next day, Zhi Yao told the words of the two han Wei home owner.Two old foxes on the spot filled with righteous indignation, will this defect tell fortune?We’re about to split up the zhao land, which is not the case unless we’re crazy.Zhi Yao nodded again and again: who said it wasn’t.After a while, Ci asked Zhi Yao: Host, did you tell han and Wei what I said?Just listen: Are you really a fortune teller?I say: that two old guy go out of time meaningful ground looked at me one eye, affirmation is because I see through their idea, you must make preparation early.Zhi Yao still dont believe, a confidence in their own strength, two, will soon be divided zhao land, there is no reason to ah.Zhao immediately couldn’t stick to it, decided to make the last attempt, zhao sent secret contact han and Wei, to reason, move.In a word: Zhi Yao headstrong, like expansion, we zhao if late, you two are fast.Three finally reached a consensus, agreed a good time, together against Zhi Yao.Zhao No Shirt that Han wei agreed, the heart is still uncertain, in case he cheated out of the city?But now Jinyang is in danger, Zhao Wu-shirt chose a bo.Finally three in the agreed time to suddenly attack, play zhi Yao unprepared, zhi clan main force out.The Zhi family was divided among The Three Kingdoms of Han, Zhao and Wei.To sum up, it is better to call the three schools to divide the Jin, because jin lost control of the state long ago, han, Zhao and Wei divided the land of the Zhi clan, the Warring States period arrived.