The woman lost 7,000 yuan of lifesaving money and the police even looked at the monitoring for 7 hours

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There is no trivial matter in the interests of the masses.After the owner lost his lifesaving money, bole City Public Security Bureau Gu Limuto police station, the masses, anxious people urgent, active action, even watching 7 hours of monitoring to help the owner find the lost lifesaving money 7000 yuan, won the masses highly praised.1 Life money lost!At about 20 o ‘clock on February 11, 2022, Ms. Zhang took a taxi to Bozhou People’s Hospital to see her child. When she registered, she found that she had accidentally left her handbag with 7,000 yuan in cash in the taxi. The bag contained 7,000 yuan, which was Ms. Zhang’s life saving money.When the police see Ms. Zhang constantly blame their carelessness, almost rushed to collapse for help, thought that must help the owner of this lifesaver money back!2 find!It must be found!The police station actively as part of the patient to appease Ms. Zhang, while the surveillance video, race against time to find lost life money.Because it was late at that time, the taxi license plate in the surveillance video was unclear, so the police according to Ms. Zhang was taking the taxi route, after 7 hours to check the monitoring, finally locked Ms. Zhang was taking the taxi, successfully with 7,000 yuan of life saving money handbag back and returned to the original owner.On February 14, 2022, Ms. Zhang came to Gulimutu police Station of Bile Municipal Public Security Bureau and sent a banner printed with the slogan “The people’s police are grateful to the people for finding things to help them out” to the police to express her gratitude.Bole Public Security Bureau Propaganda and Culture Center Editor: Liu Jiangyue Manuscript source: Wu Huaqiang Editor: Zhang Huiqin Ma Lingxiang email: END