Winter Olympics popularity king!Gu Ailing opening ceremony is sought after, the German boy exchanged hats after sending pinyin thanks

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Despite competing in her first Winter Olympics, Gu has become one of the most watched athletes.After the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on Feb 4, German snowboarder Leon Walkensburg exchanged warm hats with Gu and thanked her in Pinyin.Gu’s popularity was evident even before she took part in the opening ceremony, with many athletes competing to take photos with her.At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Walkensberg and Gu Ailing represented their respective delegations.After the opening ceremony, Walkensburg exchanged warm hats with Gu and posed for a photo, which he later posted on social media with the words “I love my friend” in Pinyin.After seeing the scene, the German delegation also posted a picture of Gu wearing the German delegation’s warm hat on social media, writing, “On the way back, we met a new friend.”Gu Ailing prepares for the ski jump at shougang In Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 5, 2008.Gu will make her Winter Olympics debut on Feb 7, when she competes for a gold medal in women’s freestyle ski platform.