Champions League cup preview: Juventus ended the Derby with a friendly ending, with Feng Ba frozen and Huang Qian both attacking and defending

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Uefa Champions League: Villarreal vs Juventus Kick-off: 2022-02-23 4pm Wednesday VillarrealAs Europa champions last season, although villarreal in the situation were hanging, but yellow potential recent league performance, draw, after real Madrid team in the last round victory over granada, led by Mr Merry Huang Qian has four rounds unbeaten in the league and the team’s performance is stable, home, nearly six unbeaten at home.Editor search map before Gerard – Moreno, and then “pagoda” Bao – Torres sit, so Huang Qian recent offensive performance can be called outstanding.In the last four games, the team has scored nine goals while conceding only one.However, the absence of striker Paco, Gerard Moreno, midfielder Cochran and defender Pernia has affected the team.Juventus’ recent performance has been a bit of a dip, after the last game in Turin after two draws, but the team’s recent performance has been stable 16 games unbeaten, the team’s away performance has been relatively inconsistent, the last 10 away matches only 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses.Editor search map at present the team’s main force suffered a wave of injuries, bonucci, chiellini two main central defenders injured, the front line on the small Chiesa, Benaldeski also missed this war.Despite this, the team’s forward output has been stable, with Vlahovic having scored 18 goals in the last 10 games, but the team’s defensive performance has been poor and the team has conceded nine.The bianconeri were beaten 4-1 in a pre-season friendly against Villarreal in 2009, and it will be difficult for them to win this game against a side that has been on fire lately.