Free Home NV will be available for pre-order on March 31

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On March 14, Zyoujia officially announced that its first 5-seat SUV, zyoujia NV, will open for pre-sale on March 31.The new car will offer two powertrains, pure electric and extended range electric. It is an electric SUV that can not only meet the daily commute in the city, but also have the temperament of outdoor exploration.Deliveries of the new car will begin in September after pre-orders at the end of this month, with a price tag of around 300,000 yuan.NV Is based on the design concept of Urban Exploring. While retaining the characteristics of SUV, NV also adds more Urban design elements, with a wide body, making the outline of the new car tougher.Among them, the headlights adopt a penetrating design, and the large circular dual-track daytime running lights on both sides are matched with matrix light bands, which are more recognizable and dynamic in any light environment.The side of the body adopts a more flexible upper and lower double waist line design, so that the side line of the body is more clear and three-dimensional.Through the black body pillar design, the visual effect of suspension roof is presented.The length, width and height of the new car are 4915mm*1962mm*1745mm, and the wheelbase is 2910mm.The car’s C-pillar features a metallic cover plate and a digitally sensed dynamic charging indicator, officially called an “energy stack,” that shows the battery’s status while parked or charging.The penetrating rear taillight echoes the front and has a strong identification. The robust transverse light source is arranged in matrix style, with vertical light sources on both sides, which makes people easily associate with the design of ox horns.NV NV cabin adopts minimalist design style, rectangular piano paint panel runs through the whole center console, with a large number of horizontal lines and rectangular suspension screen, simplifying the overall cabin, reducing the stitching process and stitching to the greatest degree, bringing a more concise and lively visual experience.The car material selection is more elegant, in the central console, the central armrest and door panel and other positions are wrapped with leather, the touch is more luxurious, it is worth mentioning that the central console above the use of the whole piece of real leather wrapped, without any seam, bringing a continuous, tension visual effect.The shape of the steering wheel is more simple, and the metal chrome-plated five-way dial wheel located on both sides can realize ADAS, voice assistant, music, call and other functions.Compared with the conventional multi-function keys, the complexity of disk control interaction is simplified.The production models will all be equipped with dual color steering wheels.In addition, the new car also uses more convenient operation of the block.The LCD instrument panel adopts the rounded rectangle design, the black background and the central control panel are well integrated together, and the UI interface of the instrument panel has not been formally finalized.The 15.6-inch suspended central control screen is square in shape, which is more harmonious with the interior style.There are six linear micromotors for RealTouch tactile feedback that deliver clear vibration feedback to the fingers, mimicking the touch of a physical button.The seats are covered in Nappa leather for a softer touch.The seat was the first to use an embroidery tensioning technique, in which a section of leather is pulled in and secured with stitches, reducing the number of pieces cut and improving the fit.In terms of functions, the front two seats support a number of electric adjustment, and the whole car is equipped with a standard three-speed adjustable front and rear seat heating, front seat ventilation massage function, creating a warm winter and cool summer ride experience.Self-youjia NV is built based on Gemini power module system and adopts modular design concept. It will provide pure electric power system and extended range power system, and the whole system is equipped with intelligent electric four-wheel drive. The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 5.9 seconds.The body of the Zyoujia NV adopts a hybrid structure of upper steel and lower aluminum, which further reduces the vehicle’s fitting quality and leads to better energy consumption performance.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: