Praise the new strength of the hospital: great love boundless, filial piety

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In the past one and a half years, I have received all kinds of care and care. It is difficult to describe my gratitude.Chen Jing, the secretary, and Li Guiqin, the intern, were the most impressed.They should belong to the “post-80s generation”, but what is commendable is that their attitude and words towards patients, especially the elderly with many diseases, let me breathe a fresh, kind, patient and meticulous harmonious air again and again.I told myself, no matter how to share this wonderful feeling with everyone, but also want to let the relevant aspects to praise, carry forward.Their deeds can not be described in detail. Here are just a few specific examples.One day in March 2013, I took the pleated finished cygnet to the weekly “Environmental Paper Art Interest Group” activity.When I stepped out of the elevator and entered the hospital hall, a tall, beautiful, active and pleasant young girl with a smile greeted me like a spring breeze. She kindly supported me, constantly complimented my “cygnet” folding delicate, while whispering softly and caring about my life.In the conversation, she has been with a pleasant, loving smile, it seems not too careful to understand some “environmental protection paper art” group of the recent situation.A month later, she handed over four copies of her study textbook “Origami Study Book” and asked me to give them to the “Environmental Protection Paper Art Group”.At this point, I was pleasantly surprised to know that this beautiful girl is Called Chen Jing, she turned out to be the “department of elderly service management” 90 graduate internship college students.She has now been employed by Affinity as a secretary in the hospital building.She arrives promptly at 8am and is the last to leave at 5pm, and is responsible for the check-in of employees.In the nursing home, whenever there is an old person for help, she always works hard and happily to help him.How he longed to pour out his troubles to her, so young and full of love!One day, Chen Jing returned our ID cards to me and said, “This is the original, you take good care of it, you only need a copy for an account.”The original leadership has given me and my wife registered permanent residence to her.When I thanked her, she said: I will help you deal with it as soon as possible, don’t worry.Sure enough, with her smart, capable and resolute working style, she helped me solve the outstanding household registration problem for half a year in only half a month.She and the “member service center” of the small Pan together to run everywhere, and the police station contact, door-to-door investigation, evidence collection, interlinked, so that the problem was solved, let me put down hanging in the heart for many days.Xiao Chen is meticulous and practical, anxious about what others are anxious about, think of what others think of good style, good moral character, really touching ah!Let’s talk about li Guiqin, the intern.At first, The impression of Dr. Li was that he was a young doctor who followed the rounds every day.Although she only kept recording the diagnosis, doctor’s advice and trivial matters of Director Gong Tianming, she was a patient, caring and responsible young doctor.Treat their work very cherish, very serious.Often before going off work, come to me again to measure blood pressure, understand the effect of medication, and we talk about all kinds of knowledge and opinions related to the disease.For a long time, I had been in the habit of medicating myself for sudden aches and pains, and doctors could do nothing about it.Since Dr. Li came, she did not stiffly forbid us to use self-prepared drugs, but often took time to talk with us in the ward, using her rich medical knowledge to explain to us the advantages and disadvantages of various self-prepared drugs and matters needing attention.She always answered my questions with skill and fluency.After many conversations, Dr. Li and we gradually built a channel of trust between doctors and patients, reached a humanized agreement, that is, the prescription drugs must be difficult to achieve the effect of the doctor, can be adjusted appropriately, and must be taken temporarily, immediately inform the doctor, let the doctor master the condition.This seemingly simple agreement was built on the basis of Dr. Li’s patient answers, precise analysis and good guidance for many times.It’s not easy!You know, we old patients, we can’t be easily persuaded or manipulated.Xiao Li doctor she does not rush for success, nor does she use “high-pressure means”, but understands heart to heart medicine.In her multi-angle, multi-directional guidance, so that we changed for many years to take medicine at will, secretly take medicine self-righteous bad habits, and lift our anxious to alleviate the pain of the anxious mood.The thick pile of medical books and the collection of new drug instructions on Xiao Li’s desk should be the basis for her to win the trust and cooperation of patients.She is diligent, studious, studies business, and has a big love heart, medical ethics, understand psychological counseling, treat every patient.As the saying goes: medical skill is the premise of medical ethics, and medical ethics is the basis and guarantee of medical skill, both are indispensable, complement each other.I think Dr. Xiao Li is a rare and promising young man, a good doctor.Chen and Li are the hope of The Times and the best practitioners of the concept of “great love without borders and filial piety”.They are good at learning, love permanent, medical and pension industry valuable new force.Of course, their growth is inseparable from the old generation, help, take, as well as the strict requirements of management and training.Growth depends on all forces, the new wind should be carried forward, new seedlings need to be carefully cultivated, care.I wish high technology jiade generation after generation, month after month show new wind!From “Affinity Source”