We will do all we can to ensure the steady development of spring ploughing and grain production

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“I believe that sowing hope in spring, working hard and doing our best in agricultural production, we will surely have a bumper harvest this year.”On February 17, Meng Chunxu, a major corn planter in a minority village of Xiaochang ‘an Town in Luocheng County, said he planned to grow more than 70 acres of corn this year, up from 60 acres last year.Since this year, our city to pay special attention to the spring farming preparation, make overall seed seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural films, such as the spring material preparation and stable supply of agricultural production, seize the favorable season picked up busy planting, strengthen field management and agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation work in the field crops, agricultural production, accelerate the city’s spring have to ensure that the food and agricultural production throughout the year, a good step.2.14 Spring farming in Xiannan Township, Huanjiang FIG. 2.14 Sugarcane planting in Baxu Community, Nandan County, compaction responsibility and detailed implementation of various measures.Zhuhai strictly carry out food safety responsibility system of administrative leader, promote the implementation of farmland productivity protection subsidies, subsidies and cropping rice producer pilot policies such as crop rotation, arouse the enthusiasm of the broad masses of farmers to plant, and food crops to grow in 2022, 2021 high standard farmland construction, 2020 disaster farmland repair three work progress “bulletin” a month,We will urge all counties (districts) to speed up grain production.At the same time, we will speed up the spread of new models and technologies through the extension of high-yield facility cultivation techniques for rice and corn and strip planting of soybean and corn, gradually promote the compatible development of soybean and corn, and increase the planting area and sowing quality of grain.2.9 Nandan County wuai town tonggong village village corn spring tillage survey organization technology training, improve farmers planting technology.By February, the city had carried out 224 training sessions on spring ploughing preparation technology, training 15,500 person-times, printing and distributing 33,200 copies of materials, and sending 3,207 person-times of technical guidance to the countryside.We have overhauled 21,936 sets of agricultural machinery and tools, trained 2,711 mechanists and repairmen, and planned to put 146,000 sets of agricultural machinery and tools into production in spring.Reserve sufficient supplies to ensure a stable supply of agricultural materials.According to the statistics of agricultural production progress, this year the city’s seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural film and other materials and supplies are generally comparable to last year, it is expected that all agricultural materials can meet the city’s spring ploughing and spring planting production agricultural demand.Among them, 684,500 kg of rice seeds are needed, 81.88% of which have been prepared, and 462,800 kg of which have been delivered to households.Corn seed needs 2,307,600 kg, 84.69% of which has been prepared and 1,285,700 kg of which has been delivered to households;Fertilizer demand 177,200 tons, 124,900 tons have been prepared.Douan map applied to Sue youjiang village contrast test hechi town mulch planting spring corn was reported, along with the arrival of the growing season, involving agricultural production of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural films, the price of corn and rice seeds in different degree rise, affect the enthusiasm of farmers, in addition, before and after the Spring Festival, zhuhai is a continuous low temperature oligonucleotides as rainy weather,Spring ploughing and planting work and crop growth had a negative impact on this year’s farmers spring ploughing still have hidden worries.”The price of seeds has increased this year. The price of Chia Tai 808 was 65 yuan per packet last year, and 85 yuan per packet this year.”Du ‘an County disu Town jiang village corn farmer Wei Meimei said the price of nitrogen fertilizer has also risen this year, 15 percent of the nitrogen fertilizer last year 135 yuan per 100 jin, this year 180 yuan per 100 jin, affected by the rising prices of agricultural materials, her land area for planting corn this year from 21 acres last year to 13 acres.According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural affairs, the next, the city will strengthen the market regulation monitoring and supervision, strengthen the protection of rural farmland supervision, continue to optimize the grain support policy, further improve the enthusiasm of the majority of grain operation subjects.At the same time, we will speed up the production schedule of spring sowing and spring planting and the construction of high-standard farmland, further promote the main promotion technology of green production of agricultural products, comprehensively promote the construction of green production bases, and make every effort to lay a solid foundation for the steady development of agriculture and grain in the city.Author: Hechi Daily Social media trainee reporter Shi Huidi Correspondent Long Guan Cheng LAN Anbin Editor: Wei Yu Collation: Qin Xiaoning director on duty: Wang Yuehua On duty editorial Board: Tian Min Reading amount: 9