Yiyang station’s “homecoming special bus” made 90 trips in five days, picking up 1,600 passengers

2022-06-14 0 By

Sanxiang Metropolis daily on January 30 (all media reporter and tingting correspondent Deng Ying Wang yan sheng) “you this activity is too good, I came back from Guangzhou New Year’s Day, under such a heavy rain, did not expect to get out of the station on someone to pick us up.”On January 29, as soon as a passenger surnamed Liu got off the bus, several yiyang station “Silver City flower” volunteers helped her with her luggage and umbrellas, and sent her to the bus for home.With the Spring Festival approaching, migrant workers and students are returning home one after another, and Yiyang Station is experiencing a return peak.Due to the recent hunan region for more rain and snow weather, for the convenience of passengers home township, near midway transfer time, to realize the seamless connection “door to door”, starting on January 26, yiyang station to yiyang agri-businesses bank launched the “youth volunteer Warm home road “activities, free shuttle bus for returning passenger car.Six special buses for returning home run in three batches every morning, afternoon and evening. The six routes respectively go to yiyang Quanjiaohe, Cangshuipu, Nijiangkou and other nearby towns and villages, realizing full coverage of all the towns and villages around Yiyang city.At the exit of Yiyang Station, volunteers from the station “Yinchenghua” took the initiative to help returning passengers carry their luggage and remind them to get out of the station orderly and get on the bus smoothly.Up to now, the homecoming special bus has run 90 times in five days, picking up 1,600 passengers.[Editor: Su Liang][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]