Can I remove the film on my newly issued ID card?

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Can I remove the film on my newly issued ID card?Do these two words mean anything?A friend from high school came to dinner and drank just one beer before collapsing.How do you guys get such stinky spiral noodles?Isn’t it fun to look for peanuts in salt?Why haven’t we seen Sun Honglei after 18 episodes?Why do some people in Honor of Kings refuse to surrender even when they can’t win?If an athlete sets a better time than the world record in training, doesn’t that count?Is it safe for me to share a room with a man?Somebody explain why there’s no sign of fire!What is a very funny, still upper-class copywriter?The engine principle is so transparent, why can’t national Motors make it?What do you think of young people wearing e-cigarettes around their necks and giving everyone a puff?Why did she turn me down?What do you call this in the playground?