Sichuan launched two special credit products to support “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises

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We will encourage the development and expansion of specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and accelerate the formation of a diversified financial security network.On February 13, Red Star Capital Bureau learned from the official website of the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Sichuan Province that in order to guide the accurate financial support to accelerate the development of key small and medium-sized enterprises, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Sichuan Province recently promoted the Bank of Sichuan and the Bank of Chongqing in Sichuan province “5+1” industrial finance promotion meeting and key industrial financing promotion activities,The first “Sichuan Bank – specialist special new loan” “specialist special new credit loan” two special credit products.Among them, the single household credit line of Sichuan Bank’s “Chuan Yin – Professional Specialty Special New Loan” for Sichuan province’s “professional specialty special New” small and medium-sized enterprises can reach 100 million yuan.Bank of Sichuan and Bank of Chongqing launched “specialized specialized special new” special credit products specifically, Bank of Sichuan launched “Sichuan Bank – specialized specialized special new loan”.”Sichuan silver – specialization, new loans” is bank from sichuan province high-quality national new little giant “specialization”, sichuan provincial specialization, “new” enterprise to provide credit business, mainly to meet enterprise in financing needs in the process of commercialization and industrialization of technology, including working capital loans, fixed assets loans, bills acceptance, letter of guarantee business, etc.Sichuan province level “specialized special new” small and medium-sized enterprises credit line can reach 30 million yuan – 100 million yuan;The credit limit of national specialized and special “Little Giant” enterprises can be appropriately relaxed, and the loan limit can be determined according to the actual situation of enterprises according to the order demand.Bank of Sichuan will simultaneously carry out the loan business in 11 service outlets across the province.In addition, The Bank of Chongqing launched a “specialist special new credit loan”.”ZJTC Special New Credit loan” is a credit loan granted by Bank of Chongqing to the “ZJTC Special New” small and medium-sized enterprises identified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People’s Republic of China or The Department of Economy and Information Technology of Sichuan Province to meet their working capital needs.”Zhujing special New credit loan” implements the list system management, only to the list of enterprises to issue the loan, the maximum amount of 10 million yuan, the longest term of 3 years.If the loan is within 1 year or less, the interest shall be paid monthly and the principal repaid when it is due.The loan term exceeds 1 year and the principal is repaid in installments.Bank of Chongqing’s six service outlets in Sichuan will carry out the loan business simultaneously.In principle, the annual interest rate of the state-level specialized special new “Little Giant” loan should not exceed the one-year loan market quotation rate (LPR)+15BP, which is currently 3.95%;For sichuan province “specialized special new” small and medium-sized enterprises loan annual interest rate does not exceed 1-year loan market quotation rate (LPR)+65BP, currently 4.45%.Small and medium-sized enterprises take innovation as the soul, focus on market segmentation, emphasize the degree of specialization, through industrial division of labor, profit stratification to obtain the relative advantages in the industry, with high growth and competitiveness.Nowadays, small and medium-sized enterprises are playing an increasingly important role in China’s economic and social development.In order to promote the better development of “specialized, special and new” enterprises, Sichuan has also formulated a clear roadmap.On January 17, 2022, sichuan after the letter hall website released on the released 2021 annual specialization, “new” in sichuan province small and medium-sized enterprises and through the check list of notice, 653 companies have been identified as 2021 “specialization, the new” small and medium-sized enterprises in sichuan province, in addition, there are 601 “specialization, the new” enterprise after the expiration of the term review application through,The title is extended until 2024.This list, so that many sichuan has always been “low-key” but has the strength of the enterprise surface, appear in the public field of vision.It is worth noting that provincial “specialized and special new” smes are an important part of the gradient cultivation system of high-quality enterprises.The department of Economy and Information Technology of Sichuan Province will include the identified “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises in Sichuan Province into the “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises database, and give follow-up management.We will provide support in financing services, technical services, diagnostic services, innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading, and special training. Meanwhile, we will recommend and apply for national specialized new “Little Giant” enterprises on the basis of excellence.According to redstar Capital Bureau, in 2021, of the “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises in Sichuan Province, 358 enterprises in Chengdu were selected into the list, and 106 enterprises passed the “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises review.It was followed by 51 companies from Mianyang, 42 from Deyang, 25 from Nanchong and 23 from Yibin.These specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises are also becoming the core support of a city’s real economy.In terms of industries covered, the list focuses on smes in the important fields established by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, such as “5+1” modern industrial system, “4+6” modern service system, “10+3” modern agricultural system and characteristic industries.Covering advanced materials, energy and chemical industry, digital economy, electronic information, equipment manufacturing and other key industries.Red Star news reporter Yu Yao Shen Mengyun editor Yu Dongmei (download red star news, report awards!