Wanfeng Trumpchi M6 Yuanxiao Trumpchi Tianle open annual special meeting

2022-06-15 0 By

Yuanxiao “Chi” Trumpchi seven days to open a special annual special benefit: to the shop to guess lantern riddles to win 1000 yuan oil card (the Day of the Lantern Festival to taste delicious dumplings);99 yuan in advance for 5 years of 8 basic maintenance + sweeping robot;Order leopard lifelong free car wash + original 3D carpet, exclusive financial solutions (front) to send the value of 1680 yuan intelligent leopard table;Order the new GS8 for six major gifts and 80,000 km of maintenance;Special sale of 3 M6P cars every day;Order M6 PRO, GS3 POWER,GS4 current models free dashcam;Down payment of 1000 yuan to open trumpchi home,5 years of ultra-long low-interest loan;Car booking can knock the golden egg extract luxury home appliances;Free evaluation, replacement enjoy up to 13000 yuan subsidy;Referral customers can get 500 yuan oil card or 2 times maintenance.New 2nd generation Trumpchi GS8, shock listed pilot series 186,800 yuan, two-engine series 228,800 yuan.Enjoy six special listing gifts: 5 years / 150 thousand highway vehicle quality assurance;8 years / 200,000km power battery warranty, the first owners enjoy power battery wordless protection (except operating vehicles);Up to 5000 yuan of financial discount;RMB 5000 replacement subsidy (or financial discount);Free basic data for life and free entertainment data for 3 years (4G/ month);Free road rescue service for 5 years.Promotion time: from February 17, 2022 to February 17, 2022 Preferential terms: In-store loan, in-store insurance Trumpchi M6 latest quotation Model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price Discount range: Maoming quotation 270T Manual elite edition7 seats 109,800 yuan 101,800 yuan 270T Automatic Elite edition 7 seats 119,800 yuan 118,800 yuan 270T Automatic luxury edition 7 seats 129,800 yuan 121,800 yuan