Welcome a new cultural landmark!A new museum opened in Pudong, six times the size of the old one

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Pudong Group Art Museum is located in Pudong Splendid Cultural Park, close to Pudong Library, Pudong Youth Activity Center, Pudong Urban planning and Public art Center, with a cluster of cultural facilities and outstanding geographical advantages.The new building covers 27,000 square meters, more than six times the size of the old one, which was demolished five years ago.The new building has two theaters, the grand Theater and the experimental theater, with a total of 1,330 seats.It will strive to become the premiere and permanent residence of experimental and exquisite dramas from all over the country in Pudong.In addition, the new museum will make use of new mechanisms such as the Civic Art University and delay service to create a main platform for the popularization of art for the whole people, integrating rehearsal, training, experience and performance at night and during summer and winter holidays.The new museum will also showcase the fruitful achievements of Pudong’s development as a leading area and the history and culture of Pudong.For the whole district, the whole city and the whole country, we invite and gather a number of literary and art talents in various fields, such as special projects, special performances and special talents, and actively plan and carry out colorful activities such as big exhibitions, big exchanges, big interactions and big arena.The new museum will create advanced live broadcasting facilities and live broadcasting space to attract and gather a group of cultural Internet celebrities to carry out cloud live broadcasting. It will also open recording studios and other equipment for young people as the main public welfare.It will also introduce the latest products and equipment, build intelligent venue application experience area, and introduce a number of innovative network interaction scenes popular with young people.This year, the new museum will launch ten cultural festival brands, including:New Year festival, pudong children’s drama festival, pudong drama festival, jiangnan dance festival, community cultural festival, pudong GeChangJie, jiangnan pipa, white-collar culture festival, college students’ cultural festival, cultural festival in the pudong new area, there are multiple huimin projects are actively planning, including the young white-collar workers and youth oriented dynamic fashion, fit a series of art activities, etc.In the future, pudong Group Art Museum will rely on new venues and new space to serve not only Pudong and Shanghai, but also the Yangtze River Delta and the whole country.From now on, we can look forward to the most wonderful artistic performances in pudong’s largest public welfare theater.Enjoy high quality cultural services in pudong’s most beautiful cultural night space;Experience the most exciting plaza activities in Pudong’s most popular civic plaza;The most beautiful art bridge in Pudong, leaving the most beautiful memories…Source: Zhou To Shanghai author: Zhou Jun