Keep in good health at the beginning of Spring, do these 4 things well, and lay the foundation for a healthy whole year!

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The beginning of Spring officially marks the beginning of spring.The beginning of spring season, the spring breeze sends warmth, the sun is genial, the earth awakens, the vitality bursts forth, it is the good season of keeping in good health.Keeping healthy during the beginning of spring, we need to take advantage of the opportunity of Yang qi to grow hair and the vigorous metabolism of the human body, and lay the foundation for the health of the whole year through appropriate ways of keeping healthy.The beginning of spring is the Spring Festival. If you want to do a good job, you need to do the following details.1, go to bed early and get up early, nourishing liver qi liver is wood, should be in spring.Accordingly, spring should let liver above all “rest” good, overworked can be consumed seriously qi and blood, the function that affects liver to store blood directly.At this time, it is recommended to go to bed early and get up early, live regularly, stretch the body after getting up in the morning, take a walk outdoors after sunrise, the body moves up, Yang qi will be encouraged up.2, less acid plus xin, help Yang Yang liver start of spring food should eat less acidic food, because acid convergence, into the liver, is not conducive to the growth of Yang qi and liver qi catharsis, can eat more sweet divergent, warm Yang products.Such as onion, ginger, garlic, celery, coriander, leek and other spicy flavor of food, help disperse wind and cold, help resist the “reverse cold”.3, beware of “reverse cold” invasion of the beginning of spring indicates the arrival of spring, but the temperature will not rise so fast, Yang incipient hair, is not a good resistance to the cold, so it should not be too early to take off winter clothes for spring clothes, especially the old and children, but should pay attention to keep warm.Appropriate “cover a cover” can reduce the disease, but also to protect Yang, prevent Yang in the “bud” by cold injury.4, pay attention to ease of mood in Traditional Chinese medicine, there is the saying of “great anger hurts the liver”.The physiological characteristic of liver is to like stretch, jubilant mood and do not like depressed, annoyed.Therefore, spring health, liver, we should pay attention to keep a good mood, do not worry, not angry, not angry, optimistic mood, not depressed or angry, not too tired, so as not to increase the burden of the liver.