Nagersmann the most painful defeat bayern defense because of how ravaged by the promotion horse?

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Defeat is an understatement as Bayern lost 4-2 at Bochum despite lewan scoring twice.Bayern’s defence, without Manuel Neuer, was stunned by bochum’s treble in six minutes, conceding four goals in the first half a record since 1975, when they lost 5-0 to Eintracht Frankfurt, their first defeat to a promoted club in 12 years.Bayern beat Bochum 7-0 in the first leg of the game, which was bochum’s biggest defeat in their professional league history, and who would have thought that such a Bochum would have beaten Bayern 4-1 at half-time.With lewan scoring twice, it was hard to hide bayern’s poor form. Apart from lewan receiving a pass grade in the media ratings after the match, Bayern did not have a qualified player on the pitch, which Sky described as a defeat comparable to the 5-0 cup elimination by Borussia Monchengladbach.But what was the cause of this failure?Nagelsmann may have to do some soul-searching to avoid making the same mistake again.Neuer’s absence is certainly an important reason, ur Reich don’t substitute goalkeeper neuer deterrent, such bochum team can repeatedly hit world wave, of course, the situation in the presence of neuer don’t also appeared again and again, and today’s goal, I can’t blame ur Reich.The formation is also a big hole.In order to ensure that the front five attackers are not short of one, Nagelsmann played a 4-141 single defensive formation, the form of Tolisso on the bench, kimich to play a single defensive formation.Bochum tried to stifle bayern’s attack with a frantic closing down of kimich, which proved so effective that Bayern’s passing success rate dropped below 80%, a rare occurrence this season.The muniz midfield was completely out of control and was repeatedly attacked by the opposition until the second half when Tolisso came on for Palmecano.Bayern’s switch between a back three and four was not smooth either.Although the game than the Seine, ‘give up three defenders of dozen again dozen the back four, but for a long time of the most consistent in mei cano obviously not state: 1 ball defense overshooting, 1 to 2 points, 3 to 1 mistake lost the ball, 1 in 4 defense is too big, therefore in the plum carnot was substituted in the midfield is taken for granted.But is the problem only with Mr Palmecano?Two wingers, Paval and Hernandez, were completely blown out, while another central defender, Juler, repeatedly made major tactical mistakes.Nagelsmann’s defence, which has lost its composure and composure between three and four, could be dangerous going into the Champions League in this state.Nagelsmann refused to comment on palecano’s performance in isolation: “I don’t want to comment on the players, the whole team didn’t play well in the first half.”Nagelsmann was also self-critical: “Congratulations to Bochum, they deserved their victory.We have a plan and it didn’t work well today so I’m not ready to criticise the team.I should have reacted as soon as possible, made a change as soon as possible and played better in the second half, but it was too late.If we had scored earlier in the second half, the game would have been more exciting, but I was too late to make the change.Kimich dismissed any suggestion of an improvement in the second half and was scathing about his team’s performance: “We played the worst we’ve played all season.We lacked any ingredients to win the game.It would only be once a season, but it has already happened once against Monchengladbach.With the attitude of the game, the body language, losing is not about tactics or anything.We have to ask ourselves if this is the spirit of Bayern.This slacking happens all too often.”Davis’ return may change the current defensive situation, but according to Nagelsman, Davis is not expected in the next two weeks, he will undergo a medical in the next two weeks to determine when he can return.Bayern have not lost away from promotion since August 2010, when they lost 2-0 to Kaiserslautern, before winning 23 and drawing 1 in 24 games against them, a remarkable run that came to an end with the defeat at Bochum.And against this fiasco, the sky is also pointed out that perhaps home 7-0 victory, the left Munich people too lightly, otherwise nagel ‘nor the formation of the earth posing as a single defensive midfielder, and is about to start the champions league, also distracted bayern, comprehensive function of many factors and make before newly promoted bochum bayern lost one’s door.If nagelsmann can still excuse himself for not being in charge of the defeat against Borussia Monchengladbach, this defeat against Bochum is indeed his worst as bayern coach.# Bundesliga ## Bayern Munich #