New schools, major projects concentrated construction, yangzhou came a batch of good news

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In the year of the Tiger, good news is coming from Yangzhou. Let’s see!1. Start stretching!The southern district of the aorta will all 2, good source laurel mansion of anji a kindergarten will be built 3, straight quarter focus starts four major projects, the State Council agreed to in yangzhou and other 27 cities and regions, set up comprehensive experimental zone, cross-border e-commerce will promote the local special goods, through cross-border electricity extends export 1, start!The huayang East Road project (Yunhenan Road – Wangjiang Road) and Huayang East Road Project (Yunhenan Road – Tangwang Road) have recently obtained the preliminary examination of land use for construction projects and the position paper on site selection, according to the Yangzhou Economic Development Zone.The two sections of hua Yang East Road will become the longest horizontal urban road in the southern district, laying a foundation for economic development and citizens’ travel along the road.Located in Shiqiao Town, huayang East Road Project (Yunhenan Road – Wangjiang Road) starts from Wangjiang Road in the west and ends at Yunhenan Road in the east, covering a total land area of 37,023 square meters.Huayang East Road Project (Yunhenan Road – Tangwang Road) starts from Yunhenan Road in the west and ends at Tangwang Road in the east, with a total land area of 31,620 square meters.Tangwang Road is adjacent to the Grand Canal in the east, and Huayang East Road extends from Wangjiang Road to Tangwang Road in the east, which is equivalent to the road extending east to the Grand Canal.Hua Yang East Road, Hua Yang West Road is across the Hanjiang District south Hanjiang District, an important urban road economic development zone.At present, the road starts from 328 National Road in the high-tech Zone in the west and ends at Linjiang Road in the east. There is no road east of Linjiang Road.After the completion of linjiang Road-Wangjiang Road, Wangjiang Road-Yunhenan Road and Yunhenan Road-Tangwang Road, Huayang East Road and Huayang West Road will be fully connected and become the longest horizontal urban road in the southern region.On the morning of February 9th, guangling District held a groundbreaking ceremony for major projects in the first quarter.Twenty-nine major projects, including Mubel precision steel pipe and auto parts, Yangjierun ‘ao semiconductor chip, and Huaguang Rubber and Plastic new energy cooling pipe technological upgrading, were launched.Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor Wang Jinjian attended the ceremony and announced the commencement of the project.Major projects are the anchors of regional development.The 29 projects to be launched include advanced manufacturing projects that lead and support development, digital-driven modern service projects that integrate culture and tourism, and urban construction projects that respond to people’s concerns and meet their needs.Among them, the project mainly produces mubea automotive precision steel tube and auto parts automotive precision steel tube, stabilizer bar, new energy battery cooling plate and other auto parts, stabilizer bar will fill straight after the production of car industry in the field of blank, further strong chain chain extender chain, for the straight park “second venture” and industry transformation and upgrading to a new kinetic energy.According to the introduction, this year is the high quality development of Guangling district climbing hill, race to advance the speed of the year, Guangling will resolutely implement the municipal party committee, the municipal government’s decision deployment, to the project focus on the start of the new starting point, press the investment “fast forward”, run out of the project “acceleration”, continue for the high-quality economic and social development to enhance efficiency.Municipal secretary General You Zaijing, municipal party members, Secretary of the Guangling District Party Committee Wei Feng attended the activity.