Popular science | jade color burn what meaning be?How to see red fei is burning color red jade

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What does jadeite burn color mean?Jadeite burning color refers to the jadeite from the dark yellow brown into bright red brown, make its color more bright bright.Burned jadeite color is bright, there is no sense of hierarchy, and the texture is rough.Natural jade color is relatively elegant, rich in color, a sense of hierarchy, texture is also more delicate.No baked color ice red jade pendant jadeite burning color meaning jadeite burning color refers to the jadeite through heating, so that the color by dark yellow brown into bright red brown, make its color more bright bright, this is the color of jadeite burning.The color of the jadeite is processed jadeite, and there are still differences between the gemstones of heat treatment.Ice red no matter brand jade pendant burning color jadeite color is more bright, and relatively single, no sense of hierarchy.The texture of burned jade is rough, the sense of granularity is obvious, and the color limit is not particularly clear, the surface will appear small dry cracks, smoothness and reflectance are relatively weak.Red fei ruyi bracelet and natural jade fei color is more quietly elegant, color point is dark, brown yellow or maroon, color is more changeable, rich sense of hierarchy.And the texture is delicate, often shown as waxy ground, and transparency is also better.Seiko design fu bean butterfly natural red jade how to see the red jade true or false, is not burning red jadeite see jadeite color whether there is a head, this is to judge whether red is burning color of the most significant identification characteristics.In other words, red philippe besides colour and lustre Ming yan, color thick, color Yang, color even, color is, even quality of a material get rid of, have watery simple sense.Natural non baked red jade red jade is limonite material in the form of colloid, infiltration into jade jadeite mineral gap and micro cracks caused by.Because of the kind of water material is difficult to be limonite colloid direct penetration, so the kind of water red philippe than green green to form much more difficult, and red philippe layer is not too thick;As a result of colloid penetration, so natural red philippe to a certain extent can improve the permeability of meat.That is to say: naturally formed red philippe layer water head will be better than some other parts.1, see the original stone shell burning red skin shell has obvious characteristics, and the natural red philippe layer skin shell of the original stone and the general field mouth of the original stone is not very different.Natural red philippe Buddha pendant 2, see jade meat natural red philippe layer often intertwined with jade meat, uneven thickness;Burned red philippe layer and jade meat is a more obvious demarcation line.Having water head is a characteristic with natural red the most obvious, nevertheless now the red philippe that burns red naturally also has a lot of is to have water head.Ice red jade lock 3, see the finished product because natural red is colloid permeation color, if its base kind of coarse meat floss, will lock brown iron gum, eventually lead to gum loss or be directly weathered off;High ice or glass bottom of the meat is too tight, color does not go in.So the real natural red things are kind of, there is water, water is generally stable in fine waxy, waxy, ice waxy, ice kind of these categories.Tricolor (red, yellow, green/blue) or red and green in the red philippe is also natural, impossible to burn out.